Big Brother 17 Spoilers: New Twists Revealed? Report

The Big Brother 17 cast will be revealed next week and we are only two weeks out from the Big Brother 2015 premiere. So it should come as no surprise that the Big Brother spoilers rumors are exploding all over the place!

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The latest massive set of alleged Big Brother spoilers are almost entirely spawning outward from a relatively new Twitter account claiming to have the ‘inside scoop’ on all things Big Brother 17. Remember the infamous Corner Office Twitter that used to spew out rumors and supposed spoilers no one else had? Yet, it was rarely ever actually correct on anything? Could very likely be a lot more of the same here.

Still, we feel it is our duty to report any Big Brother 17 spoilers rumors that are getting a lot of traction, and these are. Whether there is any actual truth to any of these tidbits, we honestly cannot verify or deny at this time. However, we do feel it is always fun to engage in speculation about the new season. But we will give you the official “spoiler alert” banner, just in case any of these do prove to be true.

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According to the Twitter account @BB17_Leaks, the person behind it has a “family member that works on the same lot as the Big Brother house. They have been talking to people and…” And that’s the whole evidence this person presents for the supposed insider information they are posting.

Without further ado, here are the supposed Big Brother spoilers posted by @BB17_Leaks so far.

Big Brother Spoilers Rumors:

1. The Have-Not room will rotate every 20 minutes and there will only be one opening that can only be used when the room lines up with it. It will be circular and all the walls covered in mirrors. There is a button you can push to make it line up with the door fasther, but it means you are punished with 24 hours of slop, or 24 more hours if already on slop. (This sounds awesome, but we would honestly freak out with shock if CBS did something this elaborate. Unless it WAS an All-Stars season, since they tend to go all out for those.)

2. Every Head of Household Competition and Veto Competition will award $5k to the winner. This money, and any other money earned in the Big Brother house, can be transferred to other players for any reason. Both parties involved will have to go to the Diary Room together and agree on the terms involved. (We could see this as a twist, but having two players go to the Diary Room together would be so obvious it would be stupid, and give away that they were making deals.)

3. There will once again be 16 Houseguests. (Well, that would make sense considering the season is exactly the same length as last year. However, we have also seen a different rumor that there are 18 Houseguests, and Rachel Reilly speculated there could be 20.

4. The Big Brother 17 cast will get to decide if they will play for Head of Household, or for immunity, each week before the Head of Household Competition. The Immunity Competition winner will not get 5k. All outgoing Heads of Household can play in the Immunity Competition. Contestants will be blindfolded while the choices are made so they can’t see what other players are choosing. If only one person competes in either competition, they automatically win. If everyone competes for immunity, the winner will be Head of Household, but not get the 5k. (Interesting,and we could see CBS doing it. But we really wish they would just give us one vanilla season!)

5. Halle Berry will supposedly be hosting a Big Brother 17 competition that will air July 1st to promote the return of Extant on CBS. (CBS loves to use their stars multiple ways, but would Halle Berry REALLY do this? Even just video clips and not a live appearance?)

6. The room adjacent to the Head of Household room previously used as a second HoH room last season will be used again this year and will have a bed in it. Perhaps for the Immunity Challenge winner? (Of course the room will be used again. And very possibly have a bed in it again. Not a hard guess.)

We’ll let you take these alleged Big Brother 2015 spoilers with a truckload of salt — and tell us what you think of them if they might actually be true! While they are rather detailed for fake spoilers, we’ve seen far more creative troll posts in the past with made up spoilers that turned out to be just another load of hogwash.

Read the original Tweets on the @BB17_Leaks Twitter feed. Which, of course, is what they want you to do. That’s the whole reason they are posting this stuff, to get attention!

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