Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 1 Highlights: A Showmance Starts to Crumble

Yesterday was the first full day of Big Brother 19 live feeds. We already gave you a rundown of the first few hours. Now,we’re going to give you details about the entire Big Brother 19 day. It was a busy one.

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson, Alex Ow

Unlike the usual Big Brother 19 schedule, Big Brother decided to move things up. Yesterday, we had our first power of veto competition. Megan Lowder’s early exit put Alex Ow in danger.

Previously, we only had secondhand accounts of Megan’s early departure. Tomorrow’s Big Brother 19 episode should shed some light on the entire situation. Additionally, Megan released her own statement clarifying her reasons for leaving the Big Brother 2017 house.

Besides the news of Megan’s decision to leave and POV, we had a lot of things happening over the course of 24-hours. Get the Big Brother Live Feeds highlight details below.

Paul Explains It All

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber and Paul Abrahamian

Paul Abrahamian took some time out of his scheming and plotting to talk to the feed watchers. He revealed that he’s playing the game a lot harder than he did on Big Brother 18. He played a major part in Megan’s eventual exit.

He also explained how the house is divided basically with his team against Josh Martinez, Ramses Soto, Kevin Schlehuber, Jillian Parker, Alex Ow, and Jason Dent. However, he also has a secret alliance with Kevin.

Paul mentioned knowing that Kevin took the $25,000, which resulted in his return to the game. He worked a few times to make Ramses seem like the one who took the money, and not Kevin. Kevin may be Paul’s ideal final 2 partner.

Paul also told viewers that he did indeed win the Pendant of Protection. However, he doesn’t want to use it. He hopes his social game will be enough to keep him safe for the next three weeks.

Josh Calms the Storm, but not the Tornado

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott and Josh Martinez

The house still doesn’t like Josh, but he spent most of the day calmly out of the drama. He also had a heart to heart with Christmas Abbott, which seemed to help him deal with the stress of the Big Brother 19 house.

Josh may be adjusting better to the game, but he’s still on everyone’s radar. We expect Josh to remain a target until he leaves the Big Brother 19 house.

Power of Veto Shake-Up

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow

Going into the Power of Veto competition, it was basically a 5 against 1 battle. No one wanted Alex to win the competition and save herself from the block. Matthew Clines, Raven Walton, and Jason were all picked to play in the POV competition, and were ready to ensure Alex lost it, and then went out the door.

Against all odds, Alex won the Power of Veto. She is shaping up to become one of the stronger competitors in the Big Brother 19 house. Of course, no one but Alex was happy about this veto win.

A Showmance in Trouble

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf

Prior to the Power of Veto competition, Cody Nickson talk to Jillian and Alex to give them a pep talk. It almost seemed like he wanted one of them to win it. We weren’t sure if this was to cover his butt in case they did win, or something he really wanted to see happen.

After Alex won POV, Cody started talking about how much he respected Alex. He wanted to pull her into his already large alliance. No one in his alliance thought this was a good idea. His showmance partner Jessica Graf was completely against it.

She felt it put their entire alliance in jeopardy. This lead to a big tear in their bond and game alliance. They spent most of the day trying to convince the other to trust what they wanted, and then complaining about each other to other people.

They ended their day cuddling in bed, but both seemed to come to the conclusion that their future as a couple outside the Big Brother 19 house would be nonexistent.

What Will Cody Do Next?

Big Brother 19 Alliance

Now that Alex has won POV, Cody must name a third replacement. Half of his alliance (mainly lead by Dominique Cooper) want him to name Jason as a replacement. They see him as the strongest competitor (besides Alex) on the other side.

The other half (mainly lead by Paul) wants Cody to put up Ramses. They feel he’s more intelligent and has a better chance of laying low and going far. Cody is keeping his plan close to his chest. He did however mention maybe trying to make a deal with Alex and Jason, which would mean he wants to keep Jason safe this week.

Cody’s lack of communication skills is already really starting to frustrate his alliance. He is such a wildcard that we probably won’t know his final decision until the Power of Veto ceremony.

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