CBS Confirms Big Brother 24 Live Feeds Return On Thursday

It’s been a whirlwind week for Big Brother 24 fans. No, not because of what’s going on in the house and the upcoming eviction.  We’ve all been stressed about the Big Brother 24 Live Feeds possibly being down for the entire weekend. As you know by now, there will be no Live Eviction episode on Thursday.  Instead, CBS plans to show a 2-hour episode that includes the eviction and Head of Household Competition. It’ll also introduce the latest Big Brother 24 Festy Bestie twist.

Big Brother 24 Julie Chen

This Big Brother 24 episode will also likely show the Nomination Ceremony. Because the episode has been delayed, fans started to speculate that this must mean that CBS also won’t have the Live Feeds on from Thursday to Sunday.

We honestly all had no reason to assume this, but we expected the worst. It turns out the sky was not falling. We were all being slightly dramatic. CBS put a rest to those no Live Feeds rumors by making an official announcement on the official CBS Twitter account and the official Big Brother account.

With the feeds being on all weekend, expect the usual Big Brother Access coverage. We’ll let you know all the important Big Brother 24 spoilers before the Sunday episode, including the eviction results, the Festy Bestie pairs, Head of Household winner, nominations, and the crucial Power of Veto winner. Then Sunday, we’ll have a full recap of the 2-hour Big Brother 24 episode. It’ll be a busy weekend!

Hope you’re all excited to have the Big Brother 24 Live Feeds all weekend long!

We aren’t sure what time they’ll come back, but it will most likely be either right after when the episode would have aired on the East Coast or after it would have aired on the West Coast. The latter option is the most likely outcome. Either way, we’ll see you tomorrow night for more Big Brother 24 spoilers.

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