Who Was Evicted on Big Brother In Week 9? 8/27/2015

Who will be evicted on Big Brother 17 in week 9? There has been a lot of arguing back and forth inside the Big Brother 2015 house about which Houseguests should be the next booted off to Jury. The players with the power this week keep going back and forth so about who to target that we’re beginning to get a bit seasick.

We left off last week with a deal in the works to backdoor Vanessa, and we were hoping to see that plan come to fruition for this eviction — just for the awesome drama that would ensue. Vanessa has been playing a rather masterful game, but half the reason it’s working is that the other Houseguests are just clueless to how dangerous she is and how well she’s been manipulating everyone. If they had any sense at all, they’d have gotten her out weeks ago, ‘meat shield’ or not.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do notproceed if you do not want spoilers!

Instead of putting Vanessa up on the block, however, Austin chickened out on making that big move. He didn’t want to put up Meg or James because he’s been cultivating them for his own game. So he went for the obvious choices of Steve and Johnny Mac.  Since Austin has been working with Steve since practically forever, Johnny Mac instantly became the target dejour. Well, at least at first.

Problem is, Johnny Mac wasn’t going to just sit there and be a silent target. And Steve apparently doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. So both of them started talking, and the result ended up being a Vanessa who now hates Steve and thinks he is a disloyal rat, and the Austwins going around and around about who really should get evicted this week.

As it stands right now, after endless discussions with all parties involved, we still think it most likely that Johnny Mac will unfortunately be headed out the door on Thursday. He’s not giving up though, and he’s willing to tell anyone and everyone whatever he knows to try to stay in the game. Which has been both good, and bad, for his efforts so far. He also has the threat of withholding his Jury vote from those who oust him, but we don’t think that will make enough of a difference.

There is still time for a vote flip to take place, and it may be possible for Johnny Mac to somehow be saved. But it would take Austin deciding for sure to keep him, which would drag along the twins as well.

Despite her threat earlier in the week that she would not vote to keep Steve after he pissed her off, Vanessa has been flip-flopping around about it, seemingly trying to help John and hurt him at the same time. We believe Vanessa will vote with the Austwins when it comes down to it. So it’s really all about who Austin chooses… well, all about who Austin chooses with Vanessa crawling around in his ear…

* UPDATE: We have an update for you from Thursday morning! Johnny Mac has not given up yet and he is still pushing for a vote flip. He’s talking furiously and it looks like there is possibly a chance that it might work. He had a long talk with James and Meg, spilling everything he had in his arsenal to them this morning (rewind to 9:50 AM BBT and go forward). They have tentatively agreed to flip the vote IF Johnny Mac can get a waffling Vanessa on board with it. However, Vanessa is still torn and keeps blabbing things to the Austwins… so it’s a big IF right now. Get the full roundup of what’s been happening here!

If we did end up with a surprise at the eviction tonight, it would be pretty awesome (but we would feel terrible for Steve). But in the end, we still think it is going to be Johnny Mac who hits the door on his way to Jury. (Although perhaps not for long as someone will be coming back!)

Time for the live vote!

Meg votes to evict Johnny Mac.
James votes to evict Johnny Mac.
Vanessa votes to evict Johnny Mac.
Liz votes to evict Johnny Mac.
Julia votes to evict Johnny Mac.

Johnny Mac has been evicted from the house and is now a Jury member.

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