Big Brother 19 Week 8 Power Ranking–Christmas Scoots Her Way to the Top

It is amazing how a simple set of events can completely alter a Big Brother 19 players game and fate. For several weeks Jason Dent was high in our Big Brother 19 ranks. No one would dare take out Whistlenut. However, a strange combination of Cody Nickson’s final lie, his new dad status, and spewing too much information has made him number 1 on the Big Brother 19 hit list.

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott

Other players who had been playing the middle ground all season, are finally starting to merge as contenders for the Big Brother 19 crown. So how did everyone’s position in the Big Brother 19 game change this week?

Read our week 8 Big Brother 19 power ranking below to find out.


Oh poor Mark Jansen. He has been fighting hard this Big Brother 19 week, but it just doesn’t seem like anyone is willing to make a big move and save him. We fully expect Mark to walk out those Big Brother doors on Thursday night.


Just a week ago, Jason Dent ranked number 1 on our power ranking. He has made a lot of poor game decisions, which has lead to him being so high on the other houseguest’s target list. Basically all the reasons players wanted him out in week 1 has returned to haunt him. Jason maybe should prepare his face for that slap Cody will give him for not heeding his warning.


The only reason Alex Ow isn’t in Jason’s ranking spot is that her loyalty to Paul Abrahamian is finally coming into play. Many of the Big Brother 19 houseguests want Alex out before Jason. She is smarter, better at controlling people, and good at these competition. Paul knows Alex’s value to him, so he will fight to keep her around a little longer.


Matt Clines has done nothing in the Big Brother 19 game (as Zingbot would say, ‘except Raven Walton). Therefore, he should be riding the coaster train all the way to the end, but Matt looks physical. His appearance and closeness to Raven (who Paul may want to take to the end for a guaranteed victory) has hurt his game. Matt hasn’t shown himself to be a physical or mental competition threat, but people fear he may be throwing competition. This makes them afraid Matt could start going on a winning streak if left in the game too long.


Kevin Schlehuber is one of the few players who improved his position this week. No one trusts Kevin, and he has become the new black sheep of the house. He gets blamed for things, dissed behind his back, and discussed as the next target. However, Paul still sees value in taking Kevin to the final five. Kevin’s lack of competition wins seems to have really helped his game.

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton


The houseguests often bond over how annoying they find Raven. Now, they are even starting to suspect that she lies about her life. Raven has become so unlikable among the houseguests that her chances of winning Big Brother 19 are at the near 0 position. However, Raven’s unlikability is just why the house will keep her around. She’s a player that all of them can beat in the end.


Josh Martinez has fallen off everyone’s radar. His four biggest game enemies, Jessica Graf, Cody, Elena Davies, and now Mark have left the game back-to-back-to-back. This eliminates all of the players who would have removed Josh from the game. If he continues to play the slightly dumb, but likable, meatball game, Josh should go ahead and write his name on the $50,000 check.


The only reason Christmas Abbott ranks a little higher than Josh this week is her injury. At least one of the final Head of Household competition will be physical. This eliminates Christmas from being able to compete in it. This guarantees that the other two houseguests will end up facing off in the fInal part of the HOH comp. It would almost be a silly move to take out Christmas before final 3.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian


It’s Paul’s game and we’re just watching it. Paul’s ranking and power just grows by the week. This week, he has placed himself firmly as the third wheel between three pairs. They will be too busy taking shots at each other to even notice Paul slip on by to the end and win. Paul has almost hit checkmate with the game. However, we all know that one small event can have a ripple to change the game. It’s not too late for this to happen to Paul, but we don’t expect it to happen.

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