Big Brother 19-8/23/17-Recap: Zingbot Returns With Some Harsh Zingers

No season of Big Brother would be complete without a visit from Zingbot slinging his unrelenting insults at the houseguests. On Big Brother 19, Zingbot may have dealt the Big Brother 2017 houseguests with the most intense zingers to date. None of the Big Brother 19 houseguests were exempt from the shaming, but let’s wait to get to the good stuff.

Big Brother 19 Zingbot

We pick up right where we left off: Mark Jansen gave Paul Abrahamian safety for the week due to winning the Tree of Temptation’s ‘Save a Friend.’ Mark felt as though he owed Paul since he had given him safety during the first Big Brother 19 week via A friendship bracelet. Too bad Mark couldn’t have used his new power on himself because that may have been his only hope to save his game.

Head of Household Christmas Abbott nominated two pawns to the block, Matt Clines and Jason Dent, with plans to pull one off, and then replace him with Mark. Mark has no allies in the Big Brother house, which makes him easy pickings for eviction this week.  A miracle would be needed to save Mark from joining Cody Nickson and Elena Davies in the jury house.

Christmas and her sidekick Josh Martinez talked game with Paul in the HOH room. They discussed who they felt would be the best choice for their final 5. In the end, Paul managed to convince both of them that Raven Walton and Kevin Schlehuber would be the best for their final 5 plan.

Christmas and Josh may just be too mesmerized by Paul to realize that both Kevin and Raven would completely benefit Paul’s end game. He can easily beat all four of them in most competitions. In addition, Paul feels confident that if he does lose, at least a couple of those choices would pick him for the final two.

Will Paul’s complete manipulation of Big Brother 19 ever end?

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

At the Power of Veto player selection ceremony, Raven, Paul and Mark were chosen to compete with Christmas, Jason and Matt.  Mark was completely thrilled that his name was randomly selected to participate in the competition. He knows the back door plan, and winning the POV is probably his only way to avoid eviction this week.

Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen

Zingbot makes his entrance into the Big Brother 19 house, renaming himself President Zingbot. He doesn’t waste any time to let the zings start flying.

Mark – “I think you must be bye-sexual because every time you try to get sexual with Elena, she said bye,” zinged Zingbot.

Jason- “I see you (Alex) have been forced to carry around a ton of dead weight, or as I like to call it…Jason,” said Zingbot.

Raven – Zingbot got her good with a remark about Raven getting the clownitard and that being the worst punishment ever…but wait that’s just her face. Ouch, that one really hurt. Raven was oblivious to the insult making it even better.

Josh – “My heart goes out to you. You shed so many tears this summer. Too bad you can’t shed any weight,” said Zingbot. That was a bit below the belt. We learned Josh is very sensitive about his weight after Cody and Jessica Graf made fun of this earlier in the season.

Paul – “Last season you taught me so much, like how to have friendship, how to be pissed, and how to lose $500,000,” zinged Zingbot. ZING!!! and ZING again!

Matt – Zingbot congratulated him on making it this far in the game, especially since all he has “done” is Raven.

Kevin – “I hear you like to use Saran Wrap to preserve your youth.  News flash…too freaking late,” exclaimed Zingbot. This was an attack on Kevin’s strange habit of wrapping himself around the midsection with Saran Wrap while he sleeps each night. Kevin had that one coming.

Alex – Zingbot asked what do you call someone with bleached blond hair, likes to wear cat ears, and handles lots of wieners. The answer was bleeped out, but one can assume Zingbot was referring to a “ho.”

Christmas – “You have such a good heart.  I can guarantee you will find no coal in your stocking this holiday season.  However, you will find 10 shattered bones, 9 weeks in a cast, 8 surgeries, 7 bone -rays, 6 years of rehab, 5 titanium screws, 4 hospitals, 3 pain pills, 2 crutches, and a guilty rodeo clown,” declared Zingbot. That may have been the best Zing ever given out by Zingbot.

The POV competition has begun in the backyard. Zingbot needs help getting back to his planet. Christmas was eliminated from the comp at the beginning due to her lack of medical clearance. The comp is the yearly slip and slide while transporting a gooey liquid to fill up a big jug. This comp is always good for some great falls by the houseguests.

Big Brother 19 Slip and Slide

This time around like years prior, the houseguests can chose to fill up the big jug first or fill up the smaller jug instead. If they fill up the small jug, they earn 8 trips with the super scooper which should help them quickly fill up the larger jug. Jason is the only houseguest that decides to go for the super scooper. As the comp goes along, it is down to Mark, Jason and Paul. Jason wins the super scooper which helps to put him in the lead that he maintains and wins the POV competition.

Big Brother 19 Jason Dent

At the POV ceremony, Jason elects to remove himself from the block for eviction. Christmas nominates Mark as the replacement nominee.  Mark is well aware of his fate: it does not fare well for him this week.

Come back tonight to see if the backdoor plan to evict Mark comes to true on tonight’s Big Brother 19 live eviction.

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