Big Brother 19 Week 7 Power Ranking–Kevin Runs Out of Power

It’s been yet another eventful week in the Big Brother 19 house. It seems we can’t go a full Big Brother week without a series of fights: this week was no different. Cody, Mark and Elena got the wrath from most of the Big Brother 19 house, and now they’re not sitting so pretty. But I’ll wait for the power rankings to get into all of that.

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber and Josh Martinez

With a double eviction on the horizon, things are going to unfold quickly and anything can happen. It is essential to know where the houseguests stand going into it, because a trivia question or a clown shoe can mean difference between safety or eviction. With that said, here’s where all the Big Brother 19 houseguests stand this week.

11. Cody – There’s not a lot to say here.  Cody has certainly tried to survive this week but it’s all too little too late. He wasn’t able to win or throw the Temptation Competition. That was basically the end of his game after not being drawn for the Power of Veto. Cody has tried to talk some sense into Alex and Jason, but it’s fallen on deaf ears, and I imagine he’ll continue to watch people come into the jury house and tell them “I told you so.” He must be very unhappy to be spending the summer with these people who continue to berate him.

10. Mark – Mark is becoming a huge target for most of the Big Brother house. Only Elena, Jason, and maybe Kevin, would keep him safe if they won Head of Household. More than likely, Mark needs to win a competition on Thursday to stick around. He has stepped up his physical and mental game by winning a series of competitions in the last few weeks. Because Paul wants him out, the others will probably oblige when given the opportunity.

09. Elena – Elena was doing alright, and I feel for her difficult position in the house, but she’s doing herself no favors. Betraying Alex’s trust and not taking the Power of Veto for herself was truly a terrible move; one that people are not going to forget soon. Paul is interested in keeping Elena around longer, but he shouldn’t because she’s essentially ready to take a shot at him. There’s a number of situations that could lead to her eviction on Thursday, but Mark, and perhaps Matt, and Kevin may be seen as bigger targets. Elena defended herself in the confrontation yesterday, and she was right to, but they are aligned with Josh. They will believe him whether what he’s saying is true or not. Elena or Mark needs to win Head of Household on Thursday to take a big shot: it’s their best chance to get anywhere in this game.

08. Matt – Despite winning the Power of Veto, Matt is doing next to nothng in there. I’m not sure why he even auditioned for Big Brother: To let Raven or Paul win? Whatever. The houseguests are getting annoyed by Matt and Raven, just like all of us are, and he’s seen as a bigger threat than her, so it’s likely Matt will go to jury soon. But he’s as dull as dishwater, so I don’t think anyone will ever notice whether he is still in there or not. Matt will likely be a back-up target if Mark or Elena get saved during the double eviction.

Big Brother 19 MAtt Clines

07. Kevin – Paul has painted a target on Kevin’s back, and with the reveal about the $25,000, it is going to solidify him as a target. Unless it gets back to him soon, and he can rat out Paul, and if his allies don’t wake up and realize what’s up, Kevin will be in trouble sooner rather than later. All I hope is that he is made aware of what’s going on, so that he can clear his name. Yes, he does have the $25,000 but it also will implicate Paul as well, because he knew the entire time. Kevin could also reveal that Paul told him to do the hinky vote in week two. I would hate to see him go out without a fight.

06. Raven – None of the houseguests like Raven, but she’s essentially seen as useless; they aren’t wrong. She’ll probably get dragged a bit longer because Matt is the bigger threat of their duo. There’s a few scenarios where maybe Raven could go out soon but I think the opposition sees bigger fish to fry. That said, if she went up, Raven is expendable to nearly all of them so it’s hard to see her surviving most evictions.

05. Josh – Josh is constantly going out of his way to become a target. Whether he’s yelling at people at Paul’s request or banging pots and pans. Josh is getting attention one way or another. That said, I think most of them see him as a joke. But if Elena and Mark are annoyed enough with him, perhaps he can draw their anger and end up as the one to go home. Although, Paul and Christmas are probably going to try to protect him at all costs, as he’s a pretty good final two goat.

04. Alex – Alex is in a decent spot, and she might be one of the few Big Brother 19 houseguests who could survive up against Paul. However, she is getting in fights more than she should, and I’m not sure how well-respected she’s going to be at the end of the game. As it gets down to the wire, people aren’t going to forget that Alex is a competitor. What Alex needs to do is grow a backbone and get out from under Paul’s thumb, but I’m not sure if we’ll ever see that happen. Cody has tried to wake her up, but she’s not listening.

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow

03. Christmas – I think Christmas is in a better spot than the past few weeks. Part of it is because she is injured and not seen as a threat. Part of it is because she and Josh are now in this final five with Alex, Jason, and Paul. She chimes in too much during the fights and she really shouldn’t. Christmas should be the good cop to Josh’s bad cop. She consistently plants seeds and works people to her advantage. Then yells at them the next day. Christmas has done it with Jessica and Elena. Her gameplay is very inconsistent but she’s still playing one of the better games in there. She has good ties with Josh, Paul, and Kevin, and she’s been getting closer with Alex and Jason too. These are the core players at the moment, so they should keep her safe.

02. Paul – Paul is running the ship and it’s clear to the viewing audience. Now if only the houseguests with power could wake up. It doesn’t matter if Jessica, Cody, Mark and Elena see it, because they had no allies or power. This week Paul made targets out of Mark and Kevin, which helps him continue to distract the other houseguests from targeting him. Paul is playing well, and while some of them are seeing it, they are not ready to do anything because they believe that he is on their side. However, the chances to get Paul out are rapidly decreasing. Next thing they know, he will be in the final four and it’ll all be over for them.  They need to get him out soon to maintain any chances of winning, and to gain respect as a player.

01. Jason – Sometimes Jason gets worked up about things that aren’t crucial, but it’s hard to deny that he has some of the best relationships in the game. He is solid with Paul, Alex, Josh and Christmas, and he’s got a side deal going with Mark, which will keep him safe if Mark wins Head of Household. I think Jason is easily someone who might be respected enough to win in the end. He just needs to stop  sort of riding Alex’s coattails, who is riding Paul’s coattails. He needs to be a part of the resistance against Paul before it’s too late, because if Paul is smart, he’d make sure Jason isn’t there when it really gets down to the end of the Big Brother 19 game.

Big Brother 19 Jason Dent

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