Brother 19-8/16/2017-Recap: Will Elena’s Greed Buy Her Eviction? 8/17/17

The stage was set for Head of Household Alex Ow finally to evict Cody Nickson from the Big Brother 19 house. However, during this week’s Big Brother 19 Power of Veto competition, Elena Davies decided to swap $5,000 from Alex so that she could avoid the Camp Guide punishment. Alex had every right to be upset with Elena for taking her $5,000, because just a few minutes before Elena made the ridiculously selfish move, she and Alex made a deal not to curse each other with punishments.

Big Brother 19 Elena Davies

During the selection ceremony for the Big Brother POV, Alex randomly picked Mark Jansen to compete in it. On the next draw, Alex picked her own name, which granted her the ability to pick any houseguest to compete, and she chose Paul Abrahamian. That rounded out the POV competitors, including the nominees Jason Dent, Matt Clines.

Will Elena’s greedy move cause her to be evicted tonight rather than Cody?

Cody’s name was not selected to compete in the Power of Veto competition, thus eliminating him avoiding a back door nomination.  Now the house majority can breath a sigh of relief.  The only way the plan to back door Cody can fail is if a houseguest uses the POV to take Matt off the block. As a special third nominee, Matt would not be replaced if he were to be take himself off the block.

This week’s POV competition is the Big Brother Adventure Tour with a safari theme, and it includes prizes and punishments. Those prizes and punishments can be swapped by the competitors as each player is eliminated from the game. Players will launch a large dart at the Big Brother Adventures Tours map. The adventure their dart lands on will have fun points associated with it, which will be used to calculate each player’s score for that round. The player with the lowest number of fun points during each round will be eliminated.

Big Brother 19 Adventure Tour

As each player is eliminated from the game, they will open their adventure helmet to claim their prize; however, players have the option to keep their helmet or trade another player for their helmet and prize. The last player to collect their helmet can keep their prize or choose a prize from any player including the golden POV holder. The player winning the POV will also be entitled to a private Big Brother Outback Steakhouse dinner with five of his closest houseguest friends.

At the end of round one, Paul had the lowest fun points and won the POV. Next, Mark won a vacation to Colorado and decided to keep his prize. Jason traded his tandem skydive punishment with Paul for the POV. Matt won an Xtreme-a-Tard punishment and traded with Jason for the POV.

Only Alex and Elena are left in the game and agree to forego cursing one another with a punishment. Elena didn’t live up to her end of the deal. Elena decided to take Alex’s $5,000 for the Camp Guide punishment she won with her helmet. Elena could have and should have chosen the POV from Matt if she was truly a Big Brother team player. Instead, she was playing for herself, and greed got the best of her. Needless to say, Alex is not very happy with Elena’s selfish decision and vowed to seek revenge.

Big Brother 19 Tandem Skydive

The punishments rounded out like this:

  • Paul chose Christmas Abbott as his tandem skydive partner. They will both wear full skydive gear while attached to one another as if skydiving for the next 48 hours.
  • Jason ended up with the Xtreme-a-Tard punishment, and everything he does for the next 48 hours will be extreme…including his extreme outfit.
  • Lastly, Alex ended with the Camp Guide punishment that will last for an entire week. She will wear a Camp Guide outfit while carrying around camping gear all week. Each time the bugle sounds, she must unpack all the camping gear, set up the tent and grill, and cook hotdogs for all of the houseguests. Once she is done cooking for all of them, she must pack up her camping gear and wait for the next bugle call to do it all over again. This is definitely the worst punishment in the Big Brother 19 house.

With his POV win, Matt must chose five houseguests to enjoy a Big Brother Outback Steakhouse dinner with in the backyard. Matt chose all of the participants of the POV competition. Paul graciously gave up his spot to Christmas, as she has been such a good sport while recovering from her foot surgery. As always, the houseguests thoroughly enjoyed their dinner and ate more than they should have for dinner.

Big Brother 19 Outback Steakhouse

At the POV ceremony, Matt decided to use his POV. He used the power on Jason and took him off the block. As planned by the HOH and the house majority, Alex nominated Cody to the block in Jason’s place.

This leaves Elena, Cody, and Matt as the choices for eviction from the Big Brother 19 house this week. Alex is very upset with Elena, as well she should be. Josh wanted to evict Elena last week, and he did not get his wish. He would be quite easy to convince to evict Elena over Cody this week.

Will Alex try and flip the votes to evict Elena this week? Will Cody still be the target for eviction?

Tune in to CBS at 8/9 CST to find out. Don’t forget that tonight’s episode will feature the double eviction.

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