Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 47 Highlights: The Calm Before the Double Eviction Storm

It was a rather quiet evening leading up to the storm that will be the Big Brother 19 double eviction tonight. Cody Nickson has accepted the end of his Big Brother game. Alex Ow, Paul Abrahamian, and Jason Dent know that going into the next eviction, they’re pretty safe. Mark Jansen and Elena Davies continue to defy Paul by not totally isolating Cody, and Kevin Schlehuber still has no clue how close his game is to ending.

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber and Paul Abrahamian

Despite the rather dull feeds, it’s a nice change from all the Big Brother 19 arguments going on this week and for the past several weeks.

Target Misdirections

Big Brother 19 Cast

Jason and Alex talked about their next targets. They mentioned going after Matt Clines and Mark next. Alex, following Paul’s logic, said that it was not the right move to nominate Matt. They don’t want to piss off another showmance if they don’t need to do it. Then Jason went into his daily rant about hating Raven Walton and Matt.

Meanwhile, Paul was trying to ensure that Matt went after Mark or Kevin if he won the Head of Household. Paul made sure to reiterate that Kevin has been acting shady. He told Mark as well that Cody has been protecting Kevin.

Paul is doing a good job of setting up targets at everyone but himself.

Double Eviction Prepping

Big Brother 19 Elena Davies, Mark Jansen, and Cody Nickson

The Big Brother houseguests got a shuffleboard to practice for either the Double Eviction HOH or veto competition. Most likely, it’ll be the Veto one, since many Big Brother Double Eviction Head of Household competitions tend to be trivia based.

Cody told Elena and Mark that he would help them a little during his eviction speech by surprising everyone with it. He would try to put the target on Jason and Alex.

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