Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Monday Report – 8/17/2015

Monday Afternoon Live Feeds – 8/17/2015

12:00 PM BBT: James squishes Meg in the bedroom. Austin, Vanessa, and the twins celebrate the Veto Ceremony with their whole ‘Austin’s Angels’ pose thing. Austin says they are so set for next week. Liz says Johnny Mac’s speech was awesome.

12:15 PM BBT: Becky tells Steve that she never put any of them up when she was Head of Household and now they are all acting like she’s some big threat. She says Liz has won more competitions than she has.

12:30 PM BBT: Vanessa is already working on Austin about how they should get Johnny Mac out next. She says that she talked to production and asked if she could promise to split the winning money and gamble it for other Houseguests to make all of them more money. LOL.

1:00 PM BBT: Up in the HoH room, Vanessa tells Austin that maybe she should make a deal with Johnny Mac that she won’t put him up if she wins HoH. But she won’t say that she won’t backdoor him. They talk about how Shelli totally lost her game after Clay left. Vanessa asks if anyone knows about any competitions with leaves because she saw leaves blowing in the backyard? Odd. Big Brother cuts the Feeds, because you can’t talk about production, blah blah.

Becky jokes downstairs that they lost the ‘takeouts’ (takeout food) with the takeovers (vanished Big Brother Takeover Twist) and says it’s all false promises! We are glad that the #BBTakeover went away, personally, but still find it hilarious they’ve never mentioned why on the CBS show. (Julie Chen said in an interview that things got so interesting, they didn’t need the extra stuff messing up the game.)

1:30 PM BBT: Becky talks to Austin and Liz and says they will be the deciding factor about who goes home. She says Meg and James will want her to stay, and Vanessa and Steve will want Johnny Mac to stay. She says if she stays in the house, her target is Vanessa, if she comes back in the game, she would target Vanessa. So if she was in the house, she wouldn’t be a threat to them. She talks about how she’s a one hit wonder when it comes to comps. She can win things that involve running, but she’s a total fail at memory games or logic comps. So she’s not as much of a threat as Johnny Mac, who is more well rounded.

After Becky leaves, Austin and the twins talk and there is no question Becky is still the target, no matter what she says. They talk about how she throws people under the bus. Austin basically talks about how Vanessa is their meat shield and as long as she is in the game, she’s more of a target than they are. They’ll have to wait and see the best time to get her out. Julia thinks maybe they should keep her next week, but Liz really wants her out next week.

2:10 PM BBT: Pool time with bikinis and Austin working out with Johnny Mac. Liz and Julia throw things at Austin and he’s annoyed. He tells them he could get hurt if he’s disturbed like that working out. They ignore him and keep throwing things. Becky joins in. Austin corners Liz and force-hugs her all sweaty and gross. She is not a happy camper!

3:30 PM BBT: Steve and Julia talk a little game. Julia wants to know if Steve thinks evicting Becky is still the best move. Steve says yes because if they get rid of Becky, then they won’t end up with Jackie and Becky both in the house together if Jackie comes back in. Austin comes in, Julia leaves.

Steve says Julia needs to win some comps to prove her worth in the game. Austin talks about Vanessa being a meat shield again. They are both trying to be super friendly with Vanessa and tell her everything they think she wants to hear. Austin says Vanessa said she might throw the HoH comp.

4:45 PM BBT: The Houseguests are having a mock cooking competition. James and Julia are going to compete against Liz and Austin. Lots of back and forth about this for quite a while.

5:45 PM BBT: Julia, Austin and Liz talk about game. Julia says the only person she doesn’t like in the house is Johnny Mac. Liz says Julia really needs to win a Head of Household comp. Liz really goes after Julia that she needs to start proving herself worth to win to future Jury members. They talk about Steve and how he’s good to have because he wants to work with Austin and he wants Johnny Mac and Vanessa out.

6:00 PM BBT: More HoH talk with Austin and the twins. Austin talks about how well off Vanessa is because of how good she is at poker. She can afford to make big moves in the house and be risky because she doesn’t really need the money.

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