Big Brother 22 Spoilers Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (08/31/20)

The Big Brother: All-Stars house finally had some commotion this week. It started with the Power of Veto Competition and carried on to a wall yeller.  On Sunday’s episode, viewers saw Enzo Palumbo become the new Head of Household. This made it the fourth straight week that a male has won Head of Household and one of Tyler Crispen and Cody Calafiore‘s allies (they won two of the four themselves). We have also had three women leave in a row as a result. A male was set to leave with Enzo’s nominees being Kaysar Ridha and Kevin Campbell. 

Kaysar has been the house target along with Janelle Pierzina basically since Big Brother 22 began. Janelle left last week and now it looks like Kaysar may reunite with Janelle in the outside world very soon. It all depended on the Veto Competition.

Kaysar’s competition losses continued with him losing the Veto, but Kevin won it. As a nominee, Kevin will use the Veto to save himself, and Enzo needed to decide on a replacement nominee. Some people in the house have been pushing for David Alexander to go on the block, but Enzo didn’t want a David eviction on his Big Brother resume. He wanted the easiest path to get Kaysar out this week. Earlier in the week, Enzo considered an Ian Terry backdoor, but he decided against that move. Enzo got a little bit of a break from decision making when Christmas Abbott volunteered to go up as a pawn. She was confident that she would stay until last night when a fan yelled “Cody and Nicole are playing everyone” over the Big Brother walls.

It made people question things and Christmas not feel so safe anymore. Tyler and Enzo had a talk last night, and Tyler tried to encourage him to backdoor Daniele Donato-Briones, and Dani’s name has been coming up a lot today in the house. However, Enzo wants to play it safe this week.

So who did Enzo up end up nominated as a replacement nominee? Read below to find out!



Kevin used the Veto to save himself. Enzo named Christmas went up as the replacement nominee. On Thursday, either Kaysar or Christmas will be the fourth player evicted from the game.

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