Big Brother 22 Spoilers Week 4 Power of Veto Competition Results (08/29/20)

This Big Brother week, we have Kaysar Ridha and Kevin Campbell on the block, via Enzo Palumbo.  Like with Janelle Pierzina, Kaysar has become the house’s number one enemy. The feed watchers kind of expected Kaysar to go next, but hoped that he could fade to the back long enough to really shake up this Big Brother 22 game,  but that looks like an impossible dream because Kaysar will very likely (almost guaranteed) go home this week if he does not win the Power of Veto Competition.

Earlier today, Kaysar, Enzo, and Kevin found out that they would go against David Alexander, Tyler Crispen, and Bayleigh Dayton-Williams, as all their names were drawn to play in this week’s Veto competition. None of those people will change the nominations.

There has been some growing tensions within the six majority alliance, but Enzo likely won’t make a move this week. If Kaysar or Kevin come off the block, then Ian Terry is likely to go up next. Ian would likely go out, but there is also a possibility that David might also go up on the block if Kaysar or Kevin come down. For any shift or excitement, Kaysar needs to win this Big Brother: All-Stars veto.

So will it be another predictable week in the Big Brother 22 house? Or did Kevin or Kaysar win the Veto?



Kevin won the Power of Veto! For the first time this season, we’ll get the Veto being used.

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