Who Was Evicted on Big Brother Tonight? 6/26/2013

Big Brother 2013 host Julie Chen

Miss the Big Brother 15 premiere? Wondering who was evicted on Big Brother tonight, if anyone? The Big Brother premiere is always a risky time for the HouseGuests, because you never know when there might be a sudden twist elimination before the game even really begins!

Remember last season when Big Brother cast member Jodi Rollins was eliminated the first night? Poor girl never even stood a chance! So who was eliminated on Big Brother tonight in the season 15 premiere this time?

Well, the happy answer is — no one was evicted on Big Brother tonight! No one was voted off Big Brother, none of the cast members were sent home, and we’re still at 16 HouseGuests to enjoy on the Big Brother Live Feeds until Sunday.

Whew, we were really glad when none of the new twists involved getting rid of a new Big Brother 2013 HouseGuests right off the bat. We’re really looking forward to having at least one full week to get to know all the new hamsters and decide who we are going to root for — and who we are going to secretly hope gets rudely backdoored at some point.

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