Big Brother Spoilers: Big Brother 15 House New This Season?

big brother 14 house photos 1We already know from Big Brother spoilers that this season will start two weeks earlier, feature all new HouseGuests, and reportedly have more Hamsters than any previous year. Could there be an all new Big Brother 15 house in the works as well?

Big Brother 15 spoilers rumors hint CBS may be giving us an all new fresh facelift on the Big Brother 2013 house this season, in addition to a totally fresh BB15 cast. The Big Brother house hasn’t really had a seriously major overhaul since season 6, so it is certainly time for a little renovating in our opinion.

The original Big Brother house was located at the CBS Studio Center in Studio City, California on the Studio 8 lot. It was originally actually more of a real house, but it was later rebuilt on an enclosed soundstage for additional “convenience and security.” Sorry Houseguests, no more snacks being thrown over the wall like in season 1! The first house, which was much smaller and only had one floor, stayed relatively the same from season 1 through 5 except for superficial changes.

The current model of the Big Brother house on studio stage 18 was unveiled for season 6 and features a much larger, two-story layout. (Check out photos of the house on the studio lot here.) The second floor houses the Head of Household room, HOH bathroom — and more recently — a bonus room for the BB14 coaches to sleep in when their team members won HOH.

So will there finally be another major upgrade to the Big Brother 15 house for 2013? Well, the rumor out there about a big change for the BB15 house seems to have spawned from a press release by CBS about the new season featuring the tagline: “New Season, New Home, Same Feeds.” This will be the first season the show will be filmed in HD (high definition), so a nice new house would go fabulously with those swanky new cameras.

However, we are thinking it could be the “New Home” CBS is talking about in the press release doesn’t actually refer to the physical Big Brother 2013 house. Instead, we are thinking they maybe meant a “New Home” for the Big Brother live feeds, which are switching from RealNetworks Superpass to CBS this year. That was the primary focus of the press release, so the context would be right for that interpretation.

Now, we’d love to see a shiny new Big Brother house for our wild pack of fresh hamsters to run around in, but CBS has made so many changes already for this season, adding on a major house overhaul might be a bit too much to ask for.

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