Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Move to CBS, RealNetworks SuperPass Is History

2013 big brother live feeds, big brother 15 live feeds, big brother 2013 live feeds, cbs big brother 15, realnetworks superpass big brother, big brother superpass, superpass big brother 15, how to watch big brother onlineOne of the biggest changes for the Big Brother 2013 season is the move of the Big Brother live feeds from RealNetworks’ SuperPass to CBS. In previous years, fans wanting to watch the live feeds would have to sign up for a SuperPass subscription and view them through the RealNetworks player. For Big Brother 15, CBS has decided to finally bring the Big Brother live feeds in house.

After thirteen years of running the Big Brother live feeds through RealNetworks SuperPass, CBS now plans to host the 24-hour behind-the-scenes video access directly through Details of how it is all going to work are still sketchy at this point, but on the user end, things should hopefully work pretty much the same overalll. According to CBS, it will be a “New Season. New Home. Same Feeds.”

As far as we know at this time, CBS has no plans to change the Big Brother Live Feeds from being a paid subscription service. Maintaining a 24-hour surveillance and video crew isn’t cheap, after all. Plus, the network is very aware that the Big Brother Live Feeds referral program supports sites like this one, which will deliver news, updates and the latest content on Big Brother 15 all season long. The strong community of Big Brother fan sites and their vocal and interactive readers are part of why Big Brother keeps its massive audience year after year and CBS isn’t likely to want to mess with that.

Despite fears that the Big Brother 15 live feeds will experience more blackouts or technical issues with CBS behind the wheel, we’re actually hoping the opposite will be true. With new hands steering the feeds, we’re hoping for technical improvements that will actually make watching all the action live and uncensored will be more fun than ever. Also, let’s not forget that some blackouts are just going to happen no matter what because the network does have to save some footage to air exclusively for those three nights a week of CBS Big Brother 15 on TV, right?

We bid a fond farewell to the folks over at RealNetworks, who have given us many, many hours of awesomeness and great original programming over the years. We’ll let you know if they still plan on continuing to host their special Big Brother mini-shows, live chats and other content as soon as we know.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the latest on the CBS takeover of the Big Brother live feeds this year. We’ll bring you all the up-to-date developments as soon as we have them!

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