Big Brother 15 Spoilers: CBS Big Brother 2013 First Official Promo Debuts! (VIDEO)

big brother 15, big brother 2013, big brother usa, bb15The Big Brother 15 premiere is less than two months away and we finally have our first official promo video! The CBS Big Brother 2013 promo debuted during The Amazing Race finale on Sunday night. While the preview was just a tiny teaser mostly featuring footage from BB14, it did give us at least one small spoiler about the 2013 Big Brother USA summer season.

In the first official Big Brother 15 promo, the video starts off with the tagline “Go Big with an all new season of Big Brother.” Host Julie Chen pops up to tell us it will be “the wildest season ever,” which is something Julie has probably said at some point about every season of the show in history. We can hope, of course, that she really means it this time!

After another short montage from BB14, featuring Brittany Haynes looking scary and Wil Heuser making claw hands, our first official Big Brother spoilers clue closes out the promo. As the video ends, the words “Go Big” flash over images of hot guys and girls posing, followed by “Big Brother Season Premiere Wednesday June 26” next to a still of a half-naked girl in a bikini. Because, you know, we’re all about the Big Brother bikini shots!

So what does “Go Big” mean? Well, according to Big Brother 2013 spoilers directly from the mouth of host Julie Chen, the upcoming season is going to have “more HouseGuests than ever.” Yes, even more than the sixteen HouseGuests in BB9 or BB14. So, if CBS isn’t messing with us, we should expect at least seventeen Big Brother 15 cast members. Which fits, of course, with the earlier Big Brother 2013 premiere date and longer season this year. 

As commenter “Dudejerome” said on YouTube about the new Big Brother 15 promo: “More weeks, more housemates and more reasons to watch! I’m pumped up!”

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Video source: 23wes23 on YouTube


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