Big Brother 14: Britney Haynes Eviction Interview

Last week on the Big Brother 14 live eviction show, veteran houseguests Britney Haynes left the show once again without the $500k prize in her pocket. Although Britney smiled for the cameras during her exit interview with Big Brother 14 host Julie Chen, she was obviously distraught on the Big Brother live feeds over being blindsided and evicted from the Big Brother house for the second time.

Our fabulous friends over at had the chance to chat with Britney Haynes after her Big Brother 14 eviction. In her interview with BBN, Britney said she’d love to see her buddies Ian Terry and Danielle Murphree in the final two… but it would be hard to keep veteran houseguest Dan Gheesling from making it to the end.

Some fans were disappointed that Britney did not really seem to campaign for votes until the last day, and even then her heart didn’t really seem into it. Britney said she was told by Ian that she just had no chance. Still, she said, when she woke up on Thursday she “decided I wasn’t going to just lay down and die. I did think a last minute deal could turn things around for me.”

Although she was obviously sad about being evicted again from Big Brother without winning the big prize, Britney told BBN she does not “harbor any resentment towards Dan” despite jokingly calling him “Judas” in her final speech (referring to the famous line from Dan’s original season.) “We came to play a game and he simply outplayed me,” Britney said.

Since Britney Haynes is now in the Big Brother 14 Jury House and her vote could very well determine the winner, Dan Gheesling had better hope she really doesn’t hold a grudge if he makes it to the final two.

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