Big Brother 14 Spoilers: State of the Game Report – Wednesday, Week 8

The campaigning for votes continues in the Big Brother 14 house as the two eviction nominees scramble to make sure they don’t walk out the door on Thursday night. Our Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds seem pretty clear on who will probably be going home, but there is always a chance for a last minute house flip or twist from the producers!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds that have NOT aired on the CBS Big Brother 14 show yet. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

With a Big Brother 14 double eviction looming on the horizon, this week is about to get a lot more crazy come tomorrow night. Some of the houseguests suspect it may be a double eviction week, and everyone is kind of on edge. Of course, no one is more nervous than the two houseguests currently up on the eviction block who know they are in danger of getting voted out: Frank Eudy and Chef Joe Arvin.

Personally, I have to agree with Shane Meaney and Chef Joe Arvin in their sentiment that if Frank Eudy manages to escape eviction again, they quit. If Frank doesn’t go home, just give him the money and turn off the Big Brother live feeds. Seriously.

Starting off the day on Tuesday, Frank Eudy still seemed relatively confident he has the votes to stay in the game. Still, it seemed like he was starting to really contemplate the idea that he could possibly, maybe, go home on Thursday. That could be partially do to Dan Gheesling making a stupid error and asking Frank who he though Chef Joe Arvin would put up if he wins Head of Household. Um, Dan, Frank thinks you are all working to evict Joe… dumbass.

Frank talks to the cameras at length, explaining away all the lies he has told everyone in the game and emphasizing how very, very hard he has worked to get on the show and how great he has been in the game. Seriously, this guy is so full of himself. Although there is the feeling his confidence is wavering, Frank still says he thinks he might have a 4 to 0 vote to keep him in the game. He calls Ian Terry a lying, backstabbing, sneaky little rat.

Even so, Frank is still campaigning like mad to make sure he has those votes he thinks he has to stay in the Big Brother 14 house. Danielle Murphree, in particular, is the subject of his continued harassment. He even tries to throw her ally Dan Gheesling under the bus to make himself look like he is more her friend than Dan.

He tells her that Dan really meant it when he told her she was “dead to him” during his mock Big Brother 14 funeral. Frank says he was the one who convinced Dan to apologize and make up with her. He also tells her Dan thinks he and Frank have a final 2 deal. He is really working for that vote. He is all about how he has played an honest game. She’s not shy in telling him he is no better than anyone else. (Thank you for that at least Danielle.)

Unfortunately for Frank, Danielle doesn’t believe any of what he said about Dan. She immediately goes and tells Dan everything Frank said. She also says very clearly to the cameras that Frank is kind of stupid.

He is not stupid enough, however, not to be concerned by his Big Brother 14Diary Room sessions, where it seems from his hints, production is kind of trying to get him to realize he is in trouble. When he says, again, that the Diary Room sessions are making him worried, the cameras on Frank cut off and the voice from above tells them twice NOT to talk about Diary Room sessions. They don’t want us to know things like, oh, how Ian was influenced not to put up Frank. Or how Frank was influenced to get Dan to use his Power of Veto to save him instead of Jenn. You know, all those things that make it look like production is really trying to frame Frank as the BB14 winner. They can only hope that at this point it has gone too far for Frank to be saved again.

Dan, who must just be on a constant high at this point, continues to pull the wool over Frank’s eyes. He tells Frank they are absolutely great and that even Danielle plans to vote to keep Frank now. Of course, the treal truth is that Frank is screwed all over the place.

Ian Terry, the current Head of Household, is very quiet most of the day, staying out of the bulk of the action. He does emerge from his cacoon to do his Head of Household photos. Then he spends a lot of time rocking in his hammock. Really, it isn’t the Big Brother 14 house hammock at this point, it’s Ian’s hammock.

Ian does have one kind of cute conversation with Dan over the chess board around 7:40 PM BBT. He says he is going to have “the kill of the season” by taking out Frank. He says he does still feel really bad for voting out Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin. Ian says when they get everyone who is non-Quack Pack out of the house, he wants to run around the house quacking like mad.

Joe continues to work for his votes as well, despite constant reassurances that he will have the votes to stay. He’s not willing to rest on those assurances, however. Joe campaigning so hard worries Frank, because he thinks Joe should be clear he is going home. Shane tells him he is probably just doing it to make it look good on the show.

Frank’s confidence continues to crack and it is most obvious in that he won’t leave Danielle alone. He goes after her again in the evening, talking about how incredibly difficult his road was to get on Big Brother 14 and how it was so hard and he’s worked the game so much. She is really over it. She tells him flat out that everyone else worked hard to be on Big Brother too.

In one amusing bit from the evening, Dan breaks the memory wall about 8:12 PM BBT. He drops a cup that breaks the wall and makes Will’s photo vanish. Bad Dan!

Speaking of Dan, he apparently has a bag of something… looks like candy… he is hiding from production (9:52 PM BBT). (In the last Pandora’s Box, former houseguest Jessie ‘Mr. Pec-tacular’ came and stole all the junk food.)

To close out the night, Danielle rants about Frank being on his high horse and thinking he is better than everyone and that he had to work so much harder than everyone else to get on the show. In the irony of the Big Brother 14 season, Danielle says she has never met anyone as delusional as Frank. She tells Dan that Frank is always flirting with her about getting Shane out and it just being the two of them. She’s like gross, no thanks, shave yourself. (How about Frank starts shaving himself when you stop picking your zits until they bleed for 20 minutes inches from a Big Brother camera?)

Later in the early morning hours, Danielle then proceeds to run through the house with a stuffed monkey as Ian chases her and threatens to charbroil it. No, I am not making this up, Flashback to 1:30 AM BBT and check it out for yourself.

Thursday morning on the Big Brother live feeds, the most amusing conversation belonged to Jenn Arroyo and Frank Eudy, who talked about how they lure Danielle Murphree into thinking they are interested in her. Frank talks about how he went in the bathroom and started talking about periods and zits. Jenn talks about how much Danielle loves to talk about that stuff and how she started a conversation about clothes with her that went on for hours. They both laugh.

And that’s pretty much it for the state of the game right now. Frank still thinks he is going to have the votes to stay with at least 2 votes in the bag and probably 3 or maybe even 4. Dan, meanwhile, has everyone playing his game and Frank headed out the door unless something major happens.

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