Britney Haynes Hopes Baby Tilly Ready For Cancer Surgery Soon

In a new update to her Together for Tilly blog, Big Brother alum Britney Haynes said that she hopes her baby daughter will be ready for her cancer surgery soon. Baby Tilly, now four months old, has gone through four rounds of chemotherapy for an undisclosed childhood cancer. Britney said if all goes well, her sweet little girl will be headed to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital soon to hopefully have her tumor removed.

Britney Haynes baby Tilly at 4 months - Source: Instagram
Britney Haynes baby Tilly at 4 months – Source: Instagram

“Tilly had her 4th chemo treatment the week of Nov 4th,” Britney Haynes posted in her latest update on “ It was a really rough one and she was pretty sick for a couple of weeks. The nausea always seems to last longer for her than for the average patient. She ended up getting a blood transfusion to help her counts recover and felt better from that point on. Since then she has just been getting a little better every day with her energy and demeanor. During normal schedule we would be starting chemo again on Monday, so this is her best time.

Britney says that the family has been working toward an ultimate goal of having surgery for Tilly to remove her tumor since she was diagnosed and hopes that will be happening soon. “Because of the location of her tumor, it was not resectable,” Britney said. “The hope was that the chemo would shrink the tumor enough that it was easier to remove; they thought this may be possible in 4 rounds. And now, here we are! She had scans last week that were sent to her surgeon at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Ultimately it will be their decision based on her scans to declare her ready for surgery or if we need more chemo first.”

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Although Britney said it is difficult not to stress out while waiting to find out what is going to happen, they are “hoping and praying daily that she is ready for the surgery and we will be on our way to Memphis sooner than later.” Meanwhile, Britney said baby Tilly helped to put up her first Christmas tree but she thinks Mom was way more excited about it than she was!

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