This season there has been a black hole of Survivor spoilers for fans who just can’t wait to find out who is going to get the boot next. Unlike previous years, discovering in advance who went home on Survivor Blood vs Water has been nearly impossible. We don’t know who at CBS locked down the Survivor 2013 spoilers so well this season, but they’ve done a bang up job of it.

Survivor 27 episode 11 - Source: CBS

Survivor 27 episode 11 – Source: CBS

Well, for the most part anyway. We do think we know who is likely to make it to the Survivor 27 final 3, but it is figuring out who is going to go home in what order before then is the hard part. Take this week, for example. Trying to discover which of the three castaways on Redemption Island would get the boot in week 11 was not an easy prospect.

On Wednesday night’s episode, we will have Laura Morett, Tina Wesson, and Vytas Baskauskas battling it out on Redemption Island. We’ve spent days scouring our usual sources for Survivor spoilers on who got voted off Survivor this week and who was eliminated in the Redemption Island challenge. Alas, we really can’t say we’ve found anything we feel comfortable saying is a reliable spoiler source. We even resorted to scouring all the promo photos for this episode just to see if we could spot any hidden clues.

(Click the thumbnails for bigger pics – Source: CBS)

Based on the very sketchy information we did find out there, and the fact that we think a person only gets so many chances… we think it will be Laura Morett who ends up as the one who went home on Survivor 27 this week. We think Tina may — and we say this with little confidence based on weak spoilers — end up as the winner of the Redemption Island challenge this week.

As for who got voted off Survivor 2013 in week 11? Well, we don’t have a ton of confidence in these Survivor spoilers either, but we have heard strong rumors that Katie Collins will be the next person sent packing to Redemption Island by the Tribal Council. However, CBS previews for this week’s episode seem to be implying that Ciera Eastin may get blindsided. We tend to think CBS likes to mislead us on these things though.

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