Survivor 2013 Spoilers: Blood vs. Water Final Three Revealed?

Survivor: Blood vs. Water has only aired for two weeks. But we might already know the Survivor 2013 spoilers for the final three. Since season 27 finished filming in June, spoilers have spread like wildfires. A few of these leaks and spoilers have come from tweets, comments on forums and articles, and even past Big Brother contestants.


It’s hard to determine, this soon in the show, which of these Survivor: Blood vs. Water spoilers are accurate. But half of the fun in watching Survivor is trying to see what spoilers are true and which ones are false. A source trying to figure out as many Survivor spoilers as it can is the SurvivorSucks forum.  The SurvivorSucks users have been sorting through all the rumors and leaks to try to gather all the real spoilers. A major thing many fans want to know is who makes the finals. The SurvivorSucks users believe they have figured that out.

The winner of Survivor: Blood vs. Water remains a big mystery to fans. However, the top three may have been revealed.  The general belief is that Monica Culpepper, Gervase Peterson and Tyson Apostol make the final three. As we reported earlier, the rumored person to finish in fourth place is former Big Brother 12 winner, Hayden Moss.

Of course, if these rumors are true, these players make it to the tribes merging part of Survivor: Blood vs. Water. The other rumored players to make the merge are Aras Baskauskas, Vytas Baskauskas, Laura Morett, Ciera Eastin, Tina Wesson, Katie Collins, Marissa Peterson, and Caleb Bankston.  The order of elimination with all these final players, minus Hayden, remains a mystery.  If these are the final three players, then we’re excited to see who actually wins Survivors: Blood vs. Water.