Hayden Moss proved he could outsmart, outlast and outplay everyone on Big Brother 12. Therefore, it’s obvious he would be targeted when entering Survivor: Blood vs. Water. However, many spoilers and leaks for Survivor: Blood vs. Water have indicated that this is not the case. In fact, Hayden reportedly may even be the Survivor: Blood vs. Water winner — or at least, get very close anyway.

Rule In Chaos

Many fan forums, and Survivor: Blood vs. Water spoiler sites, claim that Hayden lasts at least until the merging of the tribes. They also reveal that out of the newbie Survivor players, he makes it the furthest. Additionally, these sources expose that his girlfriend, Kat Edorsson, is voted off early in the season.

Another source leaking Survivor: Blood vs. Water information is a past Big Brother player. On a Big Brother 15 live feeds conversation, Elissa Slater reveals to Judd Daughtery that Hayden places fourth in Survivor.  She leaked this information a week after the cast was officially announced.

Rachel Reilly, Elissa’s sister, competed against Hayden during Big Brother 12. Despite their tension during the show, the two remain cordial and talk from time to time.  So it’s possible that Hayden told Rachel and/or Elissa this information. It’s also possible one of the Big Brother 15 production team members gave her this detail. From some of the interviews from former Big Brother 15 houseguests and the live feeds, it’s well known that Elissa has a close relationship with many members of the Big Brother production team. Therefore, they could have given her this information in passing, or, as some fans have suggested, told her it to create publicity for Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

Some of the other Survivor: Blood vs. Water spoilers and leaks confirm Elissa’s reveal about Hayden making it to the final four.  However, we won’t know if there is any truth to it until the show reaches that point.

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