Aaryn Gries Blames Others For Not Telling Her Racist Jokes Were Offensive

The Big Brother 15 contestants continue to damage their image by not taking caution before they make public statements. The most recent Big Brother 15 former houseguest to get in trouble for her post-Big Brother 15 interviews is Aaryn Gries.  In many of them, she still seems unaware of her mistakes. However, the interview getting her in the most trouble, currently, is the one she did with TMZ.

Big Brother 15-Aaryn on Finale

In the article posted on TMZ, Aaryn blames others for her racist remarks. She claims that no one told her to be careful about telling these types of jokes. Basically, TMZ claims that Aaryn knows she sounds like a racist but is not one. The article implies that her friends and family back home found these jokes funny and not offensive. Therefore, she thought they were okay. However, after leaving the Big Brother 15 house, she soon realized that this was not the case.

Despite the believability of the TMZ interview, Aaryn claims the entire article is manipulated and contains false statements by her.  On AfterBuzzTv, Aaryn clears up the fabrications of this article. She says that the only truthful statement in it is that she does regret blaming Texas for her racial charged comments. She states that once she read the article she was horrified by it because she didn’t make any of those quoted remarks.

TMZ is rarely a completely reliable source, but we’re not sure if we believe that they would completely falsify every statement in one of their articles. We will give Aaryn some credit and say that TMZ probably did do some careful editing to draw in readers. The title of it alone sounds like something no one would ever say. However, Aaryn still proves she needs to grow up and take responsibility for her actions. We hope this ordeal will give her the guidance she needs to take caution before she speaks or gives interviews.