Who Went Home on Survivor Blood vs Water Week 7? 10/30/2013

We are a bit displeased about who went home on Survivor Blood vs Water tonight even though we predicted it would probably happen. From the little bit of Survivor spoilers we’ve been able to lay our hands on this season, we knew this castaway wasn’t going to make it to the tribal merge so they had to go soon. Even so, we were kind of hoping the spoilers were wrong. Unfortunately, this time they were actually right about which castaway would be the one who was eliminated on Survivor 2013 next.

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John Cody on Survivor Blood vs. Water – Source: CBS

In case you haven’t already guessed, this post does contain Survivor spoilers ahead about what happened on the show this week. So we’re hoping that if you are still reading, you want to know the Survivor results from tonight’s elimination! Well, we are sorry to tell you that when it came down to a battle between John Cody, Kat Edorsson and Laura Morett on Redemption Island….

Kat Edorsson was the loser.

The saddest thing about Kat being eliminated was how totally devastated she was. She was honestly afraid going into the challenge that her boyfriend, Big Brother winner Hayden Moss, would be ashamed of her for getting voted out. She cried when she saw him and begged him for a hug. He reassured her that their relationship is just fine and she is way more important than this game. But when she wanted to switch with him, he pretty much told her that was a bad idea and she caved. It was really heartbreaking to watch but we do agree he has more chance of winning than she does.

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The reason why Kat being eliminated makes us unhappy is that we feel not having his girlfriend in the game could potentially weaken Hayden’s chance at winning a bit. Having her eliminated so early means he won’t have her vote in Jury later on. Plus, he’s lost a strong ally once the tribes do finally merge together — if she had made it back into the game, of course.

While we are sad to see Kat go, we weren’t all that surprised even without the Survivor spoilers hinting that she would be next. She never really seemed to get traction this season and was turning out to be kind of a weak player. All she really managed to do was irritate people enough that they decided to vote to get rid of her. On second thought, maybe it is a good thing for Hayden’s game that she’s gone!

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