Survivor Blood vs Water: Week 7 Live Recap — “Swoop In For the Kill”

On Survivor 2013 tonight, the newly reshuffled tribes will be battling it out once again to determine which group will end up going to Tribal Council and voting out one of their own. Now that it isn’t veterans against newbies anymore, alliances are shifting and it’s difficult to predict who got voted off Survivor Blood vs Water this week. Plus, it’s another Redemption Island challenge and we’re waiting to find out if our prediction will be correct on who went home on Survivor tonight.

survivor 2013 episode 7

We love how CBS loves to tease us with the synopsis every week about what is going to happen in the next episode. For episode 7, CBS ramps up the drama with the claim that “an ultimatum at Redemption Island puts one castaway on the spot to prove his love.” Well, considering that we already know Big Brother winner Hayden Moss’ girlfriend Kat Edorsson is going to be battling in the Redemption Island duel tonight, that could be an obvious clue. Maybe Kat tries to push Hayden into volunteering to take her place in the duel so she can go back in the game?

We don’t think it’s so cut and dry though. We really doubt Kat is going to be giving Hayden an ultimatum trying to force him to switch with her. So we’re going to guess that little teaser isn’t going to be exactly what it sounds like it is hinting at. In addition, we absolutely do not believe that Hayden will switch with Kat — especially based on some Survivor spoilers we’ve heard about how long he lasts in the competition.

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It’s Survivor time! There are eleven castaways left, who will be voted out tonight and who will go home?

Kat Edorsson, who was voted out last week in Tribal Council, says at least she didn’t cry. She says there are some things she would take back but all she can do now is try to win however many duels it takes to get back in the game.

We cut to the next morning and Kat is sitting alone on the beach and now she is crying. She is afraid boyfriend Hayden Moss will be so upset that she was voted out. She’s afraid he will be ashamed of her and hopes she can win the duel and Hayden will still be by her side.

At Redemption Island, Kat begs for Hayden to come down and hug her. She’s in tears and apologizing all over herself. She tells host Jeff Probst that their plan was to play together and she’s worried that she has let Hayden down. Jeff asks Hayden how he feels about what Kat said. He says his relationship with Kat is more important even than this game and they will be fine.

Jeff challenges Hayden to prove it and swap places with Kat so that he’s the one fighting for his life and she gets to return to the game. Kat and Hayden discuss it and she asks him how he is doing. He says he feels like he is in a good place. Kat tells Jeff that she feels like she would switch because it’s a puzzle and she can’t even spell. Hayden asks her what would be best for their long-term game. Kat says “he knows” what would be best — that he’s going to be the better player because of how honest and honorable he is. She’s crying again and it’s obvious no switch is going to happen.

Man, that was just painful to watch because Kat really wanted to switch, you could tell. But she’s already terrified that Hayden isn’t going to love her anymore because she got voted out. So she caves easily to him wanting to stay in the game. Kind of makes Hayden look like a bit of a jacka** to be truthful. On the other hand, we think he is right that he has a better chance of making it to the end than she does.

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So now that’s over and it’s time for the Redemption Island challenge with Kat going against John Cody and Laura Morett. For the competition, they will have to untie a machete, then chop through a rope and drop puzzle pieces to collect. The last person to get their puzzle together will go home.

John starts out in the lead with Kat in second. Laura is running last for the first bit. Kat can’t figure out how to get her puzzle pieces out of the bag they are in and falls behind. John is flying through his puzzle and he’s still in the lead. Laura M. is trying to catch up and is now outpacing Kat by quite a bit. Things are not looking good for Kat.

Survivor 2013 episode 7 3

Laura M. watches what John is doing and basically just copies him. John finishes his puzzle and he is the winner. Laura M. isn’t far behind now and she comes in second. Kat ends up dead last and she will now be the one who was eliminated on Survivor 2013 tonight. That really has to hurt after that whole tearful discussion with Hayden earlier.

As the winner of the duel, John gives his immunity idol clue to Monica Culpepper, who thanks him and then burns the clue without looking at it. No one is willing to have that target on their back at this point in the game. Hell, no one even seems to be looking for the hidden idol even without keeping the clues. Someone is going to accidentally run into it and be like, wow, gold mine!

Back at camp, Hayden is feeling pretty lousy over what happened and not switching with Kat. He always helps her and this time he didn’t. He feels very guilty but again, we think it was the right decision for their ultimate goal of winning Survivor. The Tadhana tribe has lost every loved one at this point except for Aras Baskauskas‘ brother Vytas. That means he better be watching his back!

Speaking of… Tyson Apostol is all over that. He wants Aras out and he’s hard at work to make it happen. While Aras is off having a “meditation” walk, Tyson talks to the rest of the tribe to get them to vote against Aras at Tribal Council. Everyone seems to pretty much be on board with this plan. Of course they are, as long as it isn’t one of them, right? Even Ciera Morett-Eastin, who is kind of shell-shocked by the sudden rally against Aras, hops on board.

Meanwhile, over at Galang, Tina Wesson is feeling the love for Vytas and thinks he’d make a hot match for daughter Katie Collins. Tina is all about getting some grandchildren soon and he is looking like good breeding stock to her! Vytas is quite willing to play along because he can gain two allies for the price of one. He wants to come off as a bad boy with a heart of gold learning to be good and work the ladies. Laura Boneham is also feeling happy with Vytas because he’s helped her not feel so left out but she’s still bonded more with the ladies.

Time for tonight’s immunity challenge and it’s going to be a tough one. The tribes start off  with four members chained up together at the ankles. (Tadhana decides Ciera will be the one to sit out.) They have to work themselves through an obstacle course while picking up bolo pieces. After they assemble the bolos, they have to toss those at targets and hope they get on the bars. The winning team gets immunity and a southern feast of fried chicken and yummy sides.

The teams fly through the challenge. Galang actively tries to keep Tadhana from getting to the end and it gets a bit nasty. We finally end up with Tina and Tyson tossing at the end. Tyson gets ahead two to one but is quickly tied by Tina. The next person to get a point will win! Tyson tosses and… it’s good! Tadhana wins the immunity challenge and will be safe tonight. The Galang Tribe will be off to Tribal Council for the third time in a row and one of their members will be going home. Will the ladies stick together and get rid of Vytas, the only guy left in their tribe?

Tadhana goes off to enjoy their sumptuous buffet of southern food. Over on Galang, things are not so wonderful with another night of rice ahead and somebody going home. Laura B. tells Vytas that the girls are going to vote him out.  She says she wants to be honest and that’s how it is going to go down. The other ladies, however, are looking kind of shocked by Laura’s pronouncement of how they are all going to vote. She thinks it was good for her to show leadership but we think it may have come across as way too much.

The other women gather without Laura B. and talk about how maybe she should be the one to go home instead of Vytas. They think maybe they can’t trust her if she is going to go and do stuff like that. Laura B. might have just taken the target firmly planted on Vytas’ back and switched it right over to her own.

Seeing an opportunity here, Vytas tries to work Katie and Tina to keep him instead of Laura B. Will he be able to succeed in breaking the girls’ alliance up and getting Laura B. sent to Redemption Island instead?

Laura B. tells Jeff Probst that she told Vytas that he was going home. Monica says if you are in an alliance, you should discuss such things with them first. Vytas is harping on trust issues again to try sway people to vote against Laura instead of him. Laura says she feels like she has been in Rupert’s shadow since she came on the show but now she has broken free. Vytas says the vote should be about how people have played the game and that is it.

The votes are counted and here are the results:

Vote against Vytas
Vote against Laura B.
Vote against Laura B.
Vote against Laura B.

With three votes against her, Laura B. is headed to Redemption Island and she really only has herself to blame. Unfortunately, this was not the best move for the rest of the ladies because if the tribal merge happens soon, Vytas will have his brother as his wingman and as a team they could be very formidable indeed.


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