Who Went Home on Survivor Blood vs Water Last Night? 10/30/2013

Figuring out who went home on Survivor Blood vs Water this week wasn’t an easy proposition. We like to make our predictions about who got the boot based on generally reliable Survivor spoilers. The problem is, the spoilers on who was eliminated when on Survivor Blood vs. Water this season are practically non-existent.

survivor 2013 episode 7

The only really good spoilers we have on this season since the first elimination are about who made the final three and how far Hayden moss makes it in the game. The rest of the Survivor 2013 spoilers we’ve seen, including at least three different ‘boot lists’ haven’t been accurate in the least so far.

So, in predicting who got voted off Survivor tonight and who went home (two different things this season), we had to go old school. Our predictions for what happened at Tribal Council in week 7 and who lost the Redemption Island challenge this round are thus pretty shaky. But we do the best we can. It’s nearly impossible to figure out who will be voted out at Tribal Council this week, so we’re just going to give up and not make a call on that. For the actual elimination results, here’s what we have come up with.

Based on some very sketchy Survivor spoilers about tonight’s episode, we predict that the person most likely going home tonight will be Big Brother winner Hayden Moss’ girlfriend Kat Edorsson. We are pretty certain it will not be Laura Morett who goes home on Survivor tonight because she is strongly rumored to survive post-merge. We are also relatively sure that Hayden will NOT switch places with Kat and take her place in the Redemption Island duel.

If it’s between John Cody and Kat, we believe that Kat is the more likely person to leave. She has so far been a relatively weak player this season and we don’t think she has the chops to beat John and Laura M. Plus, the (questionable) Survivor spoilers we have seen and the CBS promos for this week just have us leaning toward Kat being out.

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