Survivor Spoilers: Who Got Voted Off Blood vs. Water Week 12?

We weren’t all that surprised by who was voted off Survivor 2013 last week but this week could be a far more interesting Tribal Council. We knew Tyson wasn’t going anywhere last week, which left Caleb the odd man out and headed off to Redemption Island. This week, who got voted off Survivor Blood vs Water wasn’t so easy to predict with a possible tie vote looming in Tribal Council.

Survivor 2013 Episode 12 - Source: CBS
Survivor 2013 Episode 12 – Source: CBS

After a quick Redemption Island challenge that ended up with Caleb in last place behind Tina and Laura M., it was on to the drama of who would get booted out of the main tribe next.

Going into the Survivor results tonight, the tribe was split four to two with Ciera as the possible swing vote if Hayden could convince her to switch sides. Hayden pushed Ciera hard to throw in with him and Katie, and that is exactly what ended up happening at the last minute. The vote ended up a three to three tie against Monica and Hayden.

Out came the rocks and all kinds of drama while we waited to find out who got voted off Survivor 27 by the Tribal Council this week. Because of the rules of a tie-breaker, Hayden, Gervase and Monica were not eligible to draw rocks. (Gervase won immunity earlier.) When all was said and done, it was Katie Collins who ended up getting bounced off to Redemption Island.

Sadly, we doubt Katie even cares what happened in the Survivor results this week though, as she is currently dealing with the tragic death of her brother in a terrible car accident on Tuesday. Our condolences to her and mom Tina Wesson on their loss.

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