How Far Does Hayden Moss Get on Survivor Blood vs Water?

Huge Survivor 2013 spoilers may have accidentally been revealed on the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds by Elissa Slater, sister of former BB winner Rachel Reilly. If these Survivor spoilers are for real, we think CBS is about to be pretty pissed off at the Reilly sisters for spilling the beans about a very big piece of information concerning the final four on the Survivor: Blood vs. Water season. Although these spoilers were initially leaked by Elissa on the Big Brother Live Feeds way back in August, so far it seems like they may have indeed been true.

survivor 27 cast blood-vs-water
Survivor Blood vs Water cast – Source: CBS

We actually missed the moment of the alleged spoilers leak on the Big Brother Live Feeds and had to go back and watch. There are so many hours of feeds to watch, y’all, we can’t catch everything the first time around! We discovered what had happened via our friends on Twitter when they started screaming about some huge Survivor 2013 spoilers dish revealed by one of the HouseGuests.

Warning: We are about to tell you what the alleged Survivor spoilers leak was all about and it is a BIG spoiler if it is true. So if you don’t want to know, please stop reading right the hell now!

According to the posts on Twitter and our own observation of the conversation in question on the Live Feeds, the person responsible for the accidental Survivor 27 spoilers leak was none other than Elissa Slater, sister to former Big Brother winner Rachel Reilly. The incident happened at about 11:20 AM BBT on Tuesday, August 27 on the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds.

On the Live Feeds, Elissa Slater and Judd Daughtery were discussing former Big Brother winner Hayden Moss. Hayden was was announced as a part of the Survivor 2013 cast not very long before this happened. He is the first Big Brother player to ever appear on Survivor. Let’s remember that Hayden being part of the Survivor: Blood vs. Water cast was not officially even announced until AFTER the Big Brother 15 cast was already sequestered for the season.

During the conversation, Elissa quite directly said the following: “He was in the final four, I think, when we came into the house.” She also said that Hayden’s girlfriend, Kat Edorsson, was voted out “early” on in the game. The Big Brother Live Feeds immediately cut out to fish. When the Feeds came back, the conversation was over. Sooooo.

Does that mean that Elissa knew before going into the BB15 house that Hayden Moss had already made the final four on Survivor 27? Is that even possible? We don’t know the exact filming schedule for Blood vs. Water but we think they would not have been at the final four yet when Elissa went into the house, but might have been at that point when this conversation happened. So does that mean someone was feeding Elissa information about what was happening on Survivor while she was in the Big Brother 15 house and she got confused about when things happened?

After this alleged leak, a Twitter user named @megthesequel sent a Tweet to Rachel Reilly asking about what Elissa said. Rachel Tweeted back, “when would I have told her the cast was revealed last week she doesn’t know.” Shortly afterward, she deleted the Tweet and blocked the user who sent her the question, according to

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I guess we’ll find out if the spoiler about Hayden Moss making it to the final four on Survivor: Blood vs. Water is true. So far it is looking like it might very well be accurate since Hayden is still in the game and going strong so far. Well, until this week, where he might have kind of screwed himself trying to plot against Tyson and ended up getting one of his own allies voted out to Redemption Island. Because Hayden is on the show, we’re covering Survivor 2013 all season long right here on

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