Survivor 2013 Recap: Blood vs Water Week 9

We’ve made our predictions about who got voted off Survivor Blood vs Water in week 9 and now we’re ready to find out if they come true. Survivor spoilers have been pretty sketchy this year so we had to make our guess based on very unreliable information. However, we also had the backing of a large majority of fans who seem to agree time is growing short for both Vytas Baskauskas and Tina Wesson on Survivor 2013.

Survivor 2013 episode 9
Survivor 2013 Episode 9 – Source: CBS

With the current state of the game and what we could dig up from spoilers and fan polls, we predicted Vytas Baskauskas as one of the castaways who was eliminated on Survivor in this round at the Tribal Council, with Tina Wesson as the second to get the boot in the double elimination tonight. Will the Survivor spoilers about this week’s elimination results be spot on or totally wrong? Will the mass of fans out there predicting these two will be the ones who were voted off on Survivor tonight be way off base?

Personally we’d love to see both Vytas and Tina out of the way and fighting for their lives on Redemption Island. We aren’t that interested in seeing either of them make it to the end, especially if they might endanger our boy, Big Brother winner Hayden Moss! Tina just bores us and Vytas is a threat that needs to be eliminated. But we’ll have to wait and see on Survivor tonight if they really are the ones who get knocked off to Redemption Island at the Tribal Councils..


Aras heads off to Redemption Island by himself. We really are tired of Redemption Island and wish it would go away. He’ll shortly be joined by two more castaways competing to see who will be safe and who will go home next.

The castaways are back from Tribal Council and Vytas congratulates everyone on making a smart move and that’s how the game is played. He says, however, that he will get his revenge. Tina says that Monica and Tyson lost five jury votes. They counter that Aras was flipping on everyone and making side alliances with everyone.

Tina and Katie talk about alliances and mom tells daughter needs to make her own alliance. Tina now has a big target on her back and she is going to have to work it to stay in the game.

Next up tonight we have an immunity challenge to determine which castaways will be headed to join Aras on Redemption Island. As previewed by CBS, the ‘Pesky Palate’ challenge involves eating really gross things.

Survivor Blood vs Water episode 9 - Source: CBS/YouTube
Survivor Blood vs Water episode 9 – Source: CBS/YouTube

Round 1: Eat 40 mealworms: Tyson, Monica and Vytas move to the next round. Katie and Laura are eliminated.
Round 2: Eat 40 mealworms: Gervase redeems himself from failing to eat the grubs in Survivor Borneo and moves on with Hayden and Caleb.
Round 3: Monica and Gervase move on. Caleb, Tyson, Hayden and Vytas are eliminated.
Round 4: Monica is the queen of gross and beats out Gervase to win immunity.

As of right now, it is looking like Vytas versus Katie at the votes. Tyson wonders if he should tell the tribe he has the immunity idol to prevent a split in the vote or not? He decides it is better not to tell he has it and make a bigger target on his back. Vytas says he knew he needed to win immunity to stay but he didn’t. Hayden tells him it is going to be either him or Katie because right now the vote is split. Vytas says he isn’t afraid to beg. Or lie. He tells Katie he isn’t going to turn on the girls.

Monica says the seven of them made a pact to split the vote between Vytas and Katie but she isn’t sure exactly what is happening and it makes her feel uncomfortable. Of course, this just makes everyone think again about how paranoid Monica is. Vytas, meanwhile, is still begging the guys to vote for him. He makes the play that if he stays and Katie goes, that is one less pair in the game.

At Tribal Council, host Jeff Probst asks about what happened last week and Tina says she called out Tyson and Monica about the vote. Vytas says he was angry over the blindside of his brother and he wanted to get vengeance for him being voted out. Vytas calls Monica a doormat.

Time for the votes to be counted in the first Tribal Council of the night:

Vote for Vytas
Vote for Katie
Vote for Tyson
Vote for Vytas
Vote for Vytas
Vote for Vytas
Vote for Vytas

The ninth person voted out of Survivor Blood vs Water is Vytas. He will now go to join his brother on Redemption Island. Host Jeff Probst says it’s obvious now that Katie and Tina are on the bottom but that also means they have nothing left to lose.

Back at camp, Monica says in confession that she was supposed to vote for Katie but she decided to vote for Vytas instead because of what a jerk he was. Gervase is not happy about Monica deciding to change her vote. He says he would have lost it had something happened to one of his alliance members. It makes him think they should consider getting rid of Monica next.

On Redemption Island, Aras and Vytas are blaming each other for both ending up there. Vytas thinks he is there because of guilt by association. Aras says they are still in the game. Vytas says they are in purgatory. Aras says if he wasn’t still in the game, he would be eating a cheeseburger right now. Aras says in confession that his brother is too negative. Vytas is obviously pissed right now.

Time for the next immunity challenge! Monica has to give up her immunity necklace. The castaways will have to balance coins on the haft of a sword stuck in a shield on the ground. If your coins fall, you are out of this challenge. They also have to stack the coins in the right order.

Monica is out first, followed by Ciera. Tina drops a coin and she is out of the challenge. Not good news for Tina. Gervase drops his coins in spectacular fashion. Laura M. is out next. The stacks are getting really high and people are sweating. Caleb’s coins fall. It’s down to Hayden, Tyson and Hayden. Sweat is dripping off Tyson’s nose. Hayden is pouring sweat. Katie looks cool as a cucumber but her stack is crooked. And Tyson and Hayden drops at almost the same time! Katie has immunity and will be safe.

Katie says winning immunity is like winning the lottery but she and her mom are in trouble because they don’t have an alliance. Tina says she is going to spend the rest of the day looking for the immunity idol. The guys all go to follow Tina to see if she might find it. Katie told her it was between salt water and fresh water and that’s the only clue she has. Tina runs to get away and the boys lose her. They split up to try to find her. Tyson says he could tell everyone he has the idol so they could all just go rest but he still doesn’t want that target on her back.

The boys catch up with Tina, who did look in the right place but the idol was already gone. They ask her if she is ready to go back and eat. They keep hovering around her while she just smiles and flips around her knife. She says she is in a standoff and she is going to just stay out there for a while because they don’t know if she has it or not. The girls back at camp are talking about splitting the vote again. Monica is worried that it could end up being her. Tyson is concerned because if they split the votes Monica will be on the bottom.

Gervase says Monica needs to stick with the plans and not go rogue. At this point he would not worry about it if she went home. Hayden says maybe it is better to get rid of Monica even if Tina doesn’t have the immunity idol.

Time to go back to Tribal Council again! Jeff verifies with Tina that she did manage to get free of her followers twice today. She says that Monica is on the bottom tonight. Monica says she is working inside of the alliance of seven and she’s had relationships with people from day one. Tina asks her if that means she doesn’t feel like she is on the bottom? Monica stumbles with answering and says well, yeah, all her other allies are paired up and she feels like she might be number seven in the alliance. Tina says Monica just talks too much and scares other people.

Monica says sure, they could all vote her out tonight, that could happen. She considered that she would have to be the person who ends up last if they decide to split the vote. Hayden says they have to consider if they all vote against Tina and she has the immunity idol, one of them will have to be out. Monica says that would be a silly plan because she has been totally loyal the whole time. Tina teases the tribe that maybe she’s found the idol, maybe she hasn’t. We know she hasn’t, of course, because Tyson has it.

Time to count the votes:

Vote for Monica
Vote for Tina
Vote for Tyson
Vote for Tina
Vote for Tina
Vote for Tina
Vote for Tina

The 10th person voted out of Survivor Blood vs Water is Tina. She’ll go to Redemption Island to play against Vytas and Aras to stay in the game. She tells Katie she loves her and she’ll see them all tomorrow. Jeff says the bad news for Katie is that she lost her mom. The good news is that the alliance of seven isn’t as tight as it seems and maybe she can find a way in.

Ugh! The show is over without an elimination and we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what happens. Join us then for our next live recap!

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