Britney Haynes ‘Relentless’ In Fight To Cure Baby Tilly

Big Brother alum Britney Haynes is “relentless” in her fight to cure their baby daughter Tilly of cancer, her husband says. Britney’s infant daughter was diagnosed with an undisclosed form of the disease at just two months old. So far, Tilly has gone through three rounds of chemotherapy and will be undergoing surgery soon, according to a post by Britney on Twitter. Nathan “Ryan” Godwin, Britney’s husband, says his wife has been a “foundation of strength” through it all.

Britney Haynes and baby Tilly - Source: Instagram
Britney Haynes and baby Tilly – Source: Instagram

“As you know too well… our baby was diagnosed with cancer,” Ryan said in a post on the family’s website “What you can’t possibly know, is the incredible effort, care, love, supervision and support that Britney has given Tilly as well as me.”

Ryan Godwin says his wife would never boast about herself and so he felt that was exactly what he wanted to do in writing a guest post titled “The Best Mom, Friend and Wife; A Blog NOT by Britney Godwin” on Tilly’s website. “I want her to know that her actions and efforts don’t go unnoticed,” he said.

Britney Haynes Godwin and Ryan Godwin - Source: Instagram
Britney Haynes Godwin and Ryan Godwin – Source: Instagram

“From Day 1, Brit has been relentless with her research,” Ryan writes. “She is constantly two steps ahead of even Tilly’s doctors. She keeps the house running, she keeps me in line, she has sacrificed her entire social life to insure that Tilly is exposed to as little as possible. She stays home day and night, a slave to the “bubble” we have created around Tilly. She is a professional at the in-home medical procedures and physical therapy. She is the most involved that any single person could ever be.”

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Ryan closed his post by saying wife Britney Haynes is the “spearhead that has lead the offensive” in curing baby Tilly. “I couldn’t be more happy to know her and I couldn’t be more proud to call her the best mom, my best friend and my wife. I love you Brit.”

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