Survivor 2013 Spoilers: Episode 7 Recap — “Swoop In For The Kill”

Who was eliminated on Survivor 2013 in week 7? That’s the big question we are waiting to answer in our live recap tonight of episode 7: “Swoop In For the Kill.” We have already made our call on which castaway will be the one who went home on Survivor Blood vs Water tonight but this season has been unpredictable. Plus, we’ve had a serious lack of Survivor spoilers for this season across the board. Looks like CBS is doing a much better job of keeping things under wraps this time around.

survivor 2013 episode 7 2

Survivor Blood vs Water returns tonight with new tribes still getting to know each other after a switcheroo last week. No longer is it veterans against newbies. Alliances have to be reformed, plans changed and new enemies are bound to be made. And for one unlucky castaway on Redemption Island, it will be time for them to be the one who went home on Survivor tonight.

Which of the three castaways on Redemption Island will be the one who got eliminated on Survivor this week? When one of the tribes loses immunity and heads to tribal council, who will be the one who got voted off Survivor 2013 next and will head to Redemption Island?

>> Click here for our live Survivor 2013 recap to find out what happened, who got voted out and who went home!


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