Big Brother 14 Spoilers: State of the Game Report – Tuesday, Week 8

The talk all morning in the Big Brother 14 house yesterday was all about what would happen at the Power of Veto Ceremony. After the PoV, game play talk turns to vote campaigning and what is going to happen on eviction day. Pretty much everyone but one houseguest thinks they have a handle on everything that is going down, but only a few of them know what is really probably going to happen at the Big Brother 14 live eviction.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds that have NOT aired on the CBS Big Brother 14 show yet. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Still laying in bed, Dan Gheesling and Shaney Meaney kicked off the game talk Monday morning still discussing what to do with the Power of Veto at the ceremony later in the day. The current plan boils down to Dan using the Power of Veto to say Jenn Arroyo from the block — thus locking her in as his ally. Ian Terry will then put up Chef Joe Arvin as the replacement nominee, but only as a pawn against the real target, Frank Eudy.

Speaking of Frank, he is relatively sure that Dan is still staying true to their deal. He expects that when Dan takes Jenn off and Joe replaces her, it will be Joe who ends up evicted. However, he’s still very worried about it… especially after he revealed to Dan that the Diary Room was making him “nervous” about Dan not using the PoV on him.

Late in the morning, the Big Brother live feeds cut out for the Power of Veto Ceremony. When they come back, it is revealed that Dan kept to the plan for both of his major alliances. He has taken Jenn off the block. Ian, keeping with the Quack Pack alliance plan, has put up Chef Joe as the replacement.

Shane and Frank discuss the turn of events and Shane is busy convincing Frank he has his vote and he is going to work on Danielle’s vote as well. Frank thinks Shane is on his side, but Shane is actually working with the Quack Pack to get Frank out.

Chef Joe campaigns for votes in the Big Brother 14 house as well and goes after Danielle. Danielle tells him clearly there is nothing that will make her vote to keep Frank in the house. He works at it now and then all day and says he is going to get up early and stay late to make sure he has the votes to stay. However, if he keeps mistaking Dan for Shane and vice-versa, he’s going to say the wrong thing to the wrong guy at some point, LOL.

Later, Danielle and Shane discuss the idea of trying to make the vote a tie that Ian has to break, so Ian ends up as the main target of Frank’s anger in the Big Brother 14 Jury House. Danielle doesn’t want to take any chances. She wants Frank out for sure.

Danielle reveals to Shane that she is a nurse, not a teacher. Then she badgers him about whether he is mad at her for lying. Honestly, he really doesn’t seem to care or have any real interest at all. Later, she harasses Dan for being mean to her with his jokes. Danielle basically just continues to make everything about her.

Still under a heady delusion that he is in control of the Big Brother 14 house, Frank tells Jenn around 2:35 PM BBT that he thinks the votes this week  might be unanimous for him to stay. Jenn, of course, has been working with Dan now and she knows this is not going to happen — although she does not know about the Quack Pack alliance… yet. Frank actually pretty much calls the other houseguests idiots for keeping him around considering how amazing he is and all that.

Shane turns the tables on a somewhat shocked Danielle (and me) around 9:20 PM BBT when he basically says she’s been the one holding out on him. Um, Shane, you won’t even kiss her and said you didn’t want to be in the same bed with her unless there was a comforter wrapped around you like a shield to keep her away. Really?I’m going to take that whole thing as Shane trying to be funny.

The game talk continues to be light and not much changes over the course of the day in our Big Brother 14 spoilers from the live feeds. Frank still thinks he is staying. Dan is still working to make sure he is going. Joe continues to panic that things might not go his way. Danielle continues to whine about how everyone is mean to her.

Finally the houseguests get some liquor and start drinking. Danielle is amazing sober one minute and then sloppy drunk the next as it suits her for the rest of the evening. Yeah fun.

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