Big Brother 14 Spoilers: State of the Game Report – Sunday, Week 8

Right now in the Big Brother 14 house it is a confusion of chaos on the Big Brother live feeds. While two secret alliances go head to head, everyone is trying to figure exactly what is going to happen at the Power of Veto Ceremony on Monday. Catch up on the current state of the game in our Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds that have NOT aired on the CBS Big Brother 14 show yet. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

As it stands now, we have two major alliances going head to head in the Big Brother 14 house and veteran houseguest and former coach Dan Gheesling is right in the middle of it all. Dan made a final 2 pact with Frank Eudy as part of his brilliant plan to save himself in the last eviction. In accomplishing that task, he totally betrayed his ‘Quack Pack’ alliance with Ian Terry, Danielle Murphree, Shane Meaney and the now eliminated Britney Haynes.

Now, however, we have learned from the Big Brother 14 spoilers from the live feeds that Dan has reformed the Quack Pack alliance with the remaining members and their goal is to get out either Frank or his ally Jenn Arroyo — preferably Frank. Dan seems to be moving to keep the faith with the Quack Pack… at least for this week, but a lot will ride on the Power of Veto Competition. Dan has shown he will go with where the power is, and right now his toast is buttered on either side he chooses.

Kicking off yesterday morning, Frank Eudy and Jenn Arroyo did some early game talk around 9:50 AM BBT. Jenn is rightfully concerned about Dan Gheesling hanging out with Ian Terry. Frank, however, continues to be clueless about Dan and Ian reforming the ‘Quack Pack’ alliance right under his nose. Instead, he assures Jenn that all is kosher with Dan and that he was just working to make sure Ian did not put him up as a replacement nominee instead of Chef Joe Arvin.

Around 10:20 AM BBT, the houseguests have gone back to bed for some more rest before the Big Brother 14 Power of Veto Competition.

Not much goes on in the morning as the houseguests recover from a late night and rest up for the PoV. There is speculation this will be another Double Eviction week and various bits of light game talk about what the PoV Competition will be, what will happen at nominations and who might win the next Head of Household Competition.

Around 11:55 AM BBT, Dan tells Frank he talked to Ian the night before to find out if he was in danger of being a replacement nominee. He tells Frank that Ian would not confirm. (Frank does not know, of course, that Dan, Danielle Murphree, Ian and Shane Meaney are now all working together again and that Ian will only put up Dan as the replacement nominee if Chef Joe wins the PoV.)

Frank wants Dan to win the PoV and then take him or Jenn off because Joe would almost certianly be put up and he thinks it will be easy then to get Joe out. Frank says it might be too obvious they are working together if Dan takes him off, so maybe he should take Jenn off and say that he owed her for saving him from eviction last time. Dan agrees this is a good plan (and totally works with a plan to get Frank out but not being the obvious mastermind).

Danielle continues to delude herself that she might have some sort of future outside of the house with Shane Meaney, who still hasn’t even kissed her since she won the Head of Household Competition in the last endurance challenge. She still appears clueless that he would probably be more interested in sleeping with a porcupine than with her. She muses with Dan around 12:40 PM BBT that she would move to Vermont to be with Shane and how they’ve talked about it repeatedly. (And he has run verbal circles around any sort of stalker-ish conversations.)

Of course, we also have all those ‘Shane is so gay’ people out there and if we should know anything by now, it is that the more homophobic and uncomfortable someone is with the same sex is, the more likely they are probably secretly gay. Let’s just note that in the early afternoon, Shane has to tell Danielle how much it disturbs him to sleep in the same bed with Dan. He says it freaked him out to have to sleep with Ian too and theat he wouldn’t even sleep in the same bed with his Dad when he younger and went camping with him. Instead, he slept in a bathtub. He says he isn’t homophobic, of course, it’s just that dudes are gross. No further comment there…

Finally the Big Brother live feeds cut out at about 2:10 PM BBT for the Power of Veto Competition. And what a competition it must be, because the Trivia on the feeds goes on for HOURS.

At last, the live feeds come back on about 4:45 PM BBT and we have our Big Brother spoilers on the Power of Veto Competition: Dan ‘The Man’ Gheesling has won the PoV.

Things go fast and furious for a bit with the game talk flying around, with Dan right in the middle of all of it.

Dan gives the feeders a bit of a solo chat about how insane it goes from being inches from being sent home to now being the man with all the power. He yells at Ian in the shower that he can NOT tell ANYONE about their deal to have each other’s backs even when it comes down to the Quack Pack alliance facing off. Ian promises. Dan hold the Power of Veto symbol up to the cameras and says it is his “ticket to getting Frank out.” He tells Ian they have to talk and plan out their strategy for their next moves.

Frank tells Jenn he is worried that if Dan uses the Veto, Ian will put up Danielle or Shane as the replacement nominee instead of Joe. Jenn thinks Ian will put up Joe or possibly Shane. Frank really wishes they could get out Shane so they could steal Danielle for their alliance. Jenn thinks she could work Danielle to vote against Shane. They talk about who Dan should save with the Power of Veto like they own him.

Ian and Dan talk some more and Dan wants to know if Ian is against him using the Power of Veto. Ian says he would rather not, but they can talk about it some more and work it all out.

Dan and Frank talk, and Dan tells him that he can’t use the Power of Veto on him. That would be too obvious they were working together, right? He says he was thinking about using it to take off Jenn, but he needs to find out who Ian is going to put up as the replacement nominee. Frank wonders if he might put up Danielle, but Dan says he doesn’t think so.

Next, Dan talks to Danielle and she wants to know what he is going to do. He says he is still thinking but he told Frank he would not use the Power of Veto to take him off the block.

Running still at full speed through the Big Brother 14 house, Dan gets back with Ian to run through all the scenarios. They go through all the different options of taking down Jenn with the PoV, taking down Frank with the PoV, who to put up as the replacement nominee, etc. Ian says it is time to get Frank out and Shane and Danielle realize this is their chance to evict Frank as well.

Shane comes in and he agrees that they need to get Frank out because Frank is a much bigger threat than either Jenn or Joe. Ian says it is really their one real shot to get Frank out. Shane wants to know if they should tell Frank or blindside him. Ian says they aren’t allowed to tell their votes. Shane again volunteers to be a pawn replacement nominee if they want, because he’s an idiot.

In the end, Ian says he he will absolutely put up Chef Joe as the replacement nominee if Dan takes down Jenn with the Power of Veto.

Around 6 PM BBT, Ian tells Chef Joe that he has told Dan NOT to use the Power of Veto, which is of course not the truth. He plays up that he doesn’t think Dan would risk using it because then Ian, Shane and Danielle would all be mad at Dan. He tells Joe that if Dan should be so crazy as to use the PoV, he would have to put up Joe as the replacement nominee, but he shouldn’t worry about it because they wouldn’t vote him out.

Joe is still worried. He thinks Dan might take Jenn down because she saved him last week. He also tells Ian that Jenn totally hates him. Ian pumps the idea with Joe as well that this is their “one shot” to get rid of Frank. Joe assures Ian that he would not put him up if he were to win Head of Household and he is 100% behind him! (Just like he was/is 100% behind Frank!) Joe thinks in the house that Shane/Danielle, Dan/Jenn and Jenn/Danielle are all buddy-buddy and will stick with each other. Joe is happy to play for 2nd place.

Meanwhile, Dan tells Jenn that Ian does not want him to use the Power of Veto, but he thinks he wants to use it to take Jenn off the block. He asks her what she would do if it ended up being Danielle versus Frank. She says she would vote out Frank. However, if it were Frank versus Joe, she would vote out Joe. Jenn says Danielle told her Frank was throwing Danielle’s name out for the replacement nominee. Jenn says she doesn’t understand why he would do that. Dan pulls the wool all over Jenn…

Dan snuggles with Danielle for a bit and they pat each other on the back for all their smartness. (Which is mostly Dan being smart and Danielle being shoved around by him.)

The insanity of Dan continues as he moves on later to chat happily with Frank about their final 2 deal. Dan says Ian told him not to use the Power of Veto, but of course he’ll do what he has to. Dan plays up on Frank’s ego big time about how important a player he is for their ‘team’. Dan says he thinks he will use the PoV to take down Jenn and Ian will probably put up Chef Joe.

Dan is indeed, the Man. He’s gotta be super careful right now though because he’s walking on razors with all these alliances…

Around 7:25 PM BBT, clueless Joe tells Shane he thinks they are trying to put Danielle as the replacement nominee. Shane is like, yeah, that’s it of course. LOL. Shane plays up this idea of Danielle going up when the talks to Frank later.

Later in the evening, Jenn reassures Frank that she can get Danielle to vote to keep him. He says okay, if she trusts Danielle so much, he’ll trust her. Jenn pets Frank’s ego and tells him he is being too paranoid and of coruse Danielle will glide with them to the final four. Mmhmmm.

Hanging out at the hot tub around 8:55PM, Joe tells Danielle he would put up Jenn and Dan if he won HoH because he thinks they have a final 2 pact. Joe tells Danielle that Dan tried to get Ian to put her up. He says Dan has been pitching to everyone that he is the perfect final 2 partner because no one will vote for him to win. Shane joins them and says Joe is totally spreading rumors again, which is so true.

Out in the hammock a bit later, Danielle tells ian that Joe was trying to tell her Dan was throwing her under the bus. Ian says he hopes the PoV is not used, but if Dan uses it he will put up Joe. He tells Danielle that no one mentioned putting her up because he made the deal with Shane at the HoH comp not to put him or her up. He says he told Dan not to use the PoV or he’d rip his face off. LOL.

Hammock switch and Danielle tells Dan how Joe has been spreading the rumor that Dan wanted her up on the block. Dan thinks this is very good.

Next up we have Jenn and Danielle in the hammock and Danielle tells her that Joe would be the replacement nominee and Frank is the target. They laugh about how Frank thinks he can get the votes to stay. Danielle tells Jenn that four people want him out. Jenn says if Dan takes her off the block, he will have her absolute trust.

Around 11:30 PM BBT, Frank is told about how Janelle would say he was hitting on her. Everyone laughs but Frank is pissed anyone would think he would hit on a married woman. He says he is going to have to go to the Diary Room and get pissy about it. The houseguests tease Shane and Danielle and their no-mance. Shane does not want to share a bed with Danielle, but she wouldn’t mind a bit…

Chef Joe does some dancing in the backyard around 11:55 PM BBT. He is so freaking weird.

There is way too much m*sturbation talk in the Big Brother 14 house.

Danielle is pissed at Shane about talking about how he doesn’t want to sleep in bed with her and that she is  too immature. After she goes inside, Danielle tells Dan that Shane is an ass. Outside, Joe laughs and tells Shane to get a restraining order. Danielle continues to be delusional aobut Shane and how he’s scared of his feelings and barf, I don’t want to even talk about this anymore.

Shane comes in a bit later and tries to play off being an ass. He says he is just trying to make sure they don’t get put up together for eviction as a ‘couple’. Dan agrees this is smart. Danielle is still not happy. Thankfully going off that topic, Danielle tells Dan that she has convinced the other hamsters she is totally on the outs with him.

After Danielle leaves, Shane says he might date her outside of the house when Dan asks, but he makes up a whole lot of excuses about why that couldn’t happen. (How about, because you just don’t like her that way Shane.) Still, to make her feel all happy, he surprises her by curling up in her bead in the shoe room. Barf.

After a very long day, the Big Brother 14 houseguests finally go to bed. Thank god.

In the morning, it all goes around and around again. Frank still thinking Dan is his boy and he will use the Power of Veto to take Jenn off the block and Chef Joe or maybe Shane will go up as the replacement nominee. Frank says if somehow he still gets evicted, he will tell everyone not to trust Dan because he swore to their alliance on a stack of bibles. Jenn and Ian are still miffed at Ian’s betrayel of them and Boogie.

Frank then goes on to tell Dan he is totally cool with Dan using the PoV to take Jenn off the block so no one will suspect they are working together. Dude, you are kicking yourself right out the door.

Basically, to do a quick wrap up of the day so far today and how things stand: Dan rules the house. Seriuosly. Everyone thinks Dan is on board with them, and honestly, Dan is out for only one person… Dan. Even though no one completely trusts him, they are basically doing everything he is working to get them to do. It’s frankly kind of amazing.

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