Big Brother 14 Week 8: New HoH and Nominations

On Big Brother 14 Sunday night, a new Head of Household for week 8 will be named and we’ll find out which houseguests will be nominated for eviction. From the Big Brother 14 spoilers coming down from the Big Brother live feeds, we can tell you this is going to be a great episode. So be sure to tune in tonight with us right here for our Big Brother 14 recap of the week 8 nominations show live as it happens.

Kicking off the CBS Big Brother 14 show tonight, fans will get to watch a bit of the end of the endurance Head of Household Competition. The challenge stretched out over several hours on the Big Brother live feeds, but CBS will kindly cut out the boring part in the middle where only two houseguests were left hanging endlessly. Unfortunately, they probably will not cut out the part about Danielle Murphree whining over sort of a little bit puking twice during the competition.

Neither of the final two hamsters was willing to give it up until they just could not hold on any longer, and then they worked out a deal… If you just can’t wait for the Big Brother 14 spoilers all about the HoH Competition and results, you can check those out here.

After we have the new Head of Household, the houseguests will immediately start working it to make sure they aren’t put up on the block as eviction nominees. Although, once they know who the HoH is, it is pretty clear who is probably going to be on the block regardless.

Unfortunately, the CBS Big Brother 14 shows are too short to fill you in on all the amazing insanity going on in the house the past week. Ever since Dan Gheesling’s epic self-save at the Power of Veto Ceremony last time around, the plots, scheming and back-stabbing going on in the house has ramped up tenfold.

If you’ve been missing all the fabulous Big Brother 14 spoilers and behind-the-scenes action, you can still tune in with a 3-day free trial of the Big Brother live feeds anytime. This is a great time to get your feeds on so you can watch all the crazy drama that goes down day and night in the last month of Big Brother!

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