Big Brother 14 Week 7: Live Eviction Results & Head of Household Comp

This past week of Big Brother 14 has been one of the most dramatic, most entertaining of the whole season. Sadly, Thursday night’s Big Brother 14 live eviction show looks to be rather predictable and ho-hum in comparison. According to our Big Brother 14 spoilers form the Big Brother live feeds, it seems an obvious choice who will be evicted on Big Brother 2012 tonight.

So that part of the show, at least, won’t be all that exciting (unless something fun and crazy happens). However, we will also be crowning a new Head of Household and that will most likely bring the drama back into the BB14 house in spades before the night is over.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from live feeds that may foreshadow what will happen on tonight’s show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

This week in the Big Brother 14 house has been spectacular fun, especially watching the Big Brother 14 live feeds. In a huge game play move that will no doubt go down in Big Brother history, Dan Gheesling managed to somehow save himself from near-certain eviction this week and actually get his arch-nemesis, Head of Household Frank Eudy, to have him removed from the eviction block entirely!

Sadly, this led to Big Brother 14 cutie Britney Haynes being put up as the replacement nominee and the eviction target for the week firmly painted on her back by the new ‘Carrot Top’ alliance (or as I call it, the Dan ‘The Man’ Alliance) of Dan, Danielle Murphree, Frank and Jenn Arroyo. As it stands, it looks like Britney’s former main man ally Shane Meaney is going to vote against her per Danielle’s wishes, as is floater Chef Joe Arvin. That leaves only Ian Terry left to vote to keep Britney. Unfortunately, all the Big Brother 14 predictions are pointing toward the obvious: Britney Haynes will be evicted from Big Brother 14 tonight.

Of course, we have said that before about Big Brother 14 houseguests like Frank Eudy, who has somehow managed to avoid almost certain eviction FOUR times, so you can never count anyone out until they exit through the front door of the BB14 house. Still, the big question of the night will probably not be so much who was evicted on Big Brother 2012 but who will be the next Head of Household.

If one of Frank’s new alliance or Chef Joe wins, it is a good bet that Ian Terry may be the next houseguest targeted for eviction. That is unless, of course, someone realizes Shane Meaney might be a more dangerous player to eliminate while they have the chance — and can convince Danielle to go with it. Of course, if Dan wins, well, who knows that the hell might happen at this point… he could turn right around and try to backdoor Frank right out of the house. If Ian Terry should happen to win Head of Household, he could very well decide to target Dan, Frank or Jenn out of revenge for them getting out Britney.

Since the houseguests have been on internal lockdown for an extended period of time, we also advise that you have your Big Brother 14 live feeds ready and fired up to watch as soon as the show ends as we are likely to have another Head of Household endurance competition… which means you won’t get to see the end result on the CBS show until Sunday. If you don’t have the live feeds, now is a great time to check out a three-day free trial and watch all the action of the Head of Household competition live as it happens!

Who will be evicted on Big Brother 14 tonight? Who will end up with the power to choose the next eviction nominees? Join us here at Wednesday night for our Big Brother 14 live eviction results show recap and find out with us!

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