Big Brother 14: Kara Monaco Eviction Interview

Fresh from our friends at, we have an exclusive interview with Big Brother 2012 cast houseguest Kara Monaco. Kara was sent packing on Thursday in the first live Big Brother 14 eviction, becoming the second Big Brother 2012 cast houseguest to leave the show in the first week.

Kara Monaco, a model and former Playboy Playmate, was great eye candy for the Big Brother 14 season but unfortunately she ended up in the middle of a war between two opposing factions in the Big Brother house.

Actually, poor Kara really wasn’t even the target when she was evicted, it was her team coach, veteran Dan Gheesling, who was really the one the other houseguests were attempting to damage. Dan was already down one player, as he was forced to evict Jodi Rollins during the Big Brother 14 premiere. This left him extremely vulnerable and an alliance quickly formed to try to hack another member off his team.

Although Dan and Kara managed to rally a number of players to their side (mostly because they feared the strength of the other nominated player, Frank), Kara just couldn’t quite sway enough numbers to keep her in the house.

Even though being on Dan’s team is pretty much what ended up getting her evicted in the first week of Big Brother 14, Kara Monaco has no hard feelings against her coach. If she had it all to do over again, she told she “wouldn’t have wanted any other coach. I wanted to be on Dan’s Team.”

Kara says she also still would have wanted to have Danielle on her team too, but she would have liked to have Wil Heuser as a team mate if she could have picked them… implying that she didn’t care so much for Jodi Rollins, who was evicted during the Big Brother 14 premiere.

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