Big Brother 14 Live Recap: Eviction & Head of Household Results

This past week of Big Brother 14 has been one of the most dramatic, most entertaining of the whole season. Sadly, Thursday night’s Big Brother 14 live eviction show looks to be rather predictable and ho-hum in comparison. According to our Big Brother 14 spoilers form the Big Brother live feeds, it seems an obvious choice who will be evicted on Big Brother 2012 tonight. So that part of the show, at least, won’t be all that exciting (unless something fun and crazy happens). However, we will also be crowning a new Head of Household and that will most likely bring the drama back into the BB14 house in spades before the night is over.

Join us for our Big Brother 14 live eviction recap as we find out who was evicted on Big Brother 2012 and who will take over the power in the house for the next week.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the week 6 live eviction results and Head of Household competitions. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

This week in the Big Brother 14 house has been spectacular fun, especially watching the Big Brother 14 live feeds. In a huge game play move that will no doubt go down in Big Brother history, Dan Gheesling managed to somehow save himself from near-certain eviction this week and actually get his arch-nemesis, Head of Household Frank Eudy, to have him removed from the eviction block entirely!

Sadly, this led to Big Brother 14 cutie Britney Haynes being put up as the replacement nominee and the eviction target for the week firmly painted on her back by the new ‘Carrot Top’ alliance (or as I call it, the Dan ‘The Man’ Alliance) of Dan, Danielle Murphree, Frank and Jenn Arroyo. As it stands, it looks like Britney’s former main man ally Shane Meaney is going to vote against her per Danielle’s wishes, as is floater Chef Joe Arvin. That leaves only Ian Terry left to vote to keep Britney. Unfortunately, all the Big Brother 14 predictions are pointing toward the obvious: Britney Haynes will be evicted from Big Brother 14 tonight.

Of course, we have said that before about Big Brother 14 houseguests like Frank Eudy, who has somehow managed to avoid almost certain eviction FOUR times, so you can never count anyone out until they exit through the front door of the BB14 house. Still, the big question of the night will probably not be so much who was evicted on Big Brother 2012 but who will be the next Head of Household. If one of Frank’s new alliance or Chef Joe wins, it is a near certain bet that Ian Terry may be the next houseguest targeted for eviction. That is unless, of course, someone realizes Shane Meaney might be a more dangerous player to eliminate while they have the chance — and can convince Danielle to go with it.

Who will be evicted on Big Brother 14 tonight? Who will end up with the power to choose the next eviction nominees? Let’s get along with our Big Brother 14 live recap of the eviction results show and find out!

After the Big Brother 14 veto ceremony, all the houseguests were left reeling when Dan ‘the Man’ Gheesling’s master plan to save himself from the block actually worked. Dan was removed from danger by Jenn Arroyo’s Power of Veto, courtesy of former arch-nemesis and now ally Frank Eudy. Veteran houseguests Britney Haynes was put up against Danielle Murphree as the replacement nominee.

Ian Terry tries to get Frank and Jenn to tell him what is going on, but they now know he’s a big, fat rat who has been working for the other side. Britney tries to talk to Dan and find out if she is the target for eviction this week. Shane is torn and unhappy about having to choose between Britney and Danielle, Ian is losing it, and Britney is in tears.

That’s real Big Brother fun!

Ian gets totally cranked and launches into a verbal manfight with Frank, which was even more fun to watch in its entirety (and the more fighting and repeated making up) on the Big Brother live feeds. He flips the bird behind Frank’s back repeatedly. Ian can be a little ahole when he wants to be…

For tonight’s Big Brother 14 Head of Household Competition, fans can decided whether the first person who is eliminated is granted a reward or a punishment. All you have to do is post on Twitter with the hastag #BBReward or #BBPunish.

Britney lightens things up for us once again even in the midst of her despair as she rants aobut Dan Gheesling screwing her over and does a wicked impression of him.

Counting up the votes, it looks like Chef Joe is going to vote whatever way Shane wants him to vote for the live eviction.

Host Julie Chen talks to Frank about his new ‘final 2’ deal with Dan. Frank says he has to wait to see if Dan is sincere because he doesn’t trust him yet. He also mentions wanting his former buddy, backstabbing Ian out of the house.

Host Julie Chen talks to the houseguests live about Dan’s coming out of his solitary confinement punishment and his whole “Big Brother funeral” and all the drama surrounding his denoucement of Danielle and his removal from the block during the Power of Veto Ceremony. Shane Meaney cried during Dan’s ‘funeral’. It was such an awesome moment in the season when Dan pulled all that off.

Oh look, it’s the Brigade! Now that’s just mean to feature the Brigade right before Britney gets duped right out the front door of the Big Brother house again. Although Matt calling Danielle a stalker was just priceless.

Now it is time for the live eviction and the final pleas from Danielle and Britney. I will be quite sad to see Britney leave actually. She is much more entertaining than Danielle any day of the week. Her Diary Room sessions are awesome! Britney quotes former BB player Jerry to Dan: “You’ll always be Judas to me.”

Big Brother 14 Week 7 Live Eviction Vote:

Dan votes to evict: Britney
Ian votes to evict: Danielle
Jenn votes to evict: Britney
Joe votes to evict: Britney
Shane votes to evict: Britney

By a vote of 4 to 1, Britney Haynes is evicted from the BB14 house.

In her exit interview with Julie Chen, Britney says Dan is really good at this game. He managed to flip the whole house in just an hour, and used the Bible to do it. She says she thinks being close to Ian was bad for her game.

The goodbye messages are overall nice and not really much nastiness, which is to be expected since Britney will be going to the Jury House. Everyone wants to still get her to vote for them if they make it to the end. Ian is very upset, calls Britney a “true beauty” and says he will get rid of that “orange hairy beast” Frank! Danielle, being Danielle, weeps and wails because everything is all about her.

The Big Brother 14 Head of Household Competition tonight will be an endurance competition, so spark up those Big Brother 14 live feeds and prepare to watch the rest of the challenge go down live. Or check back here at later for our Head of Household competition results post as soon as we know who won!

The Head of Household competition kicks off and all the houseguests have to hang on to ropes over a rotating sun like they are little planets and get sprayed by yucky orange fake spray tan stuff. I’m thinking this one isn’t going to last quite as long as the previous pirate ‘walk the plank’ endurance competition earlier in the season. By the way, the first person who is eliminated will receive a #punishment at the request of the Twitter audience.

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