Big Brother 14 Recap: Week 8 Episode 23 Nominations Show

On CBS Big Brother 14 Sunday night, fans will get to watch highlights from the rest of the endurance Head of Household Competition and find out who is the new HoH. Then the new HoH will announce who they will be putting up as their nominations for eviction this week. The Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds have been a blast to watch all week long. I can’t wait to see how it all goes down on the CBS Big Brother 14 show.


This post contains CBS Big Brother 14 spoilers about Sunday’s night show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened in our Big Brother 14 recap for Sunday.

At the end of Thursday night’s Big Brother 14 live eviction show, TV fans were left hanging (pun intended) about who would win the endurance Head of Household Competition. Over on the Big Brother live feeds, the rest of the competition played out over the course of several hours, although there were only a very few houseguests that stuck it out very long. Join us for our CBS Big Brother 14 recap of Sunday night’s nominations show to find out who won the HoH, who they nominated for eviction, and all about the fun scheming that went down in between.

Opening the show tonight, we have the conclusion of the endurance Head of Household Competition. As the first one to quit the challenge, Chef Joe Arvin is handed a punishment — courtesy of the fans on Twitter — of having to Hula Hoop every hour for 24 hours.

Jenn Arroyo is not long after. (She claims on the Big Brother live feeds that the ‘comet’ was responsible for her falling off and she could have gone really far otherwise, but I think that is BS, she’s just lame at comps.)

Viewers are gifted with a video flashback of Dan Gheesling reuniting with the other members of his former ‘Quack Pack’ alliance — Shane Meaney, Danielle Murphree and Ian Terry. Of course, Dan is really just all about himself. However, being in the middle of the two powerful alliances (the other with Frank Eudy and Jenn) in the house puts him in a very strong position… even if it is also quite risky.

Back to the endurance competition and now Danielle is out, followed quickly by Dan. This leaves only Shane and Ian  in the competition. Both of them manage to hang on for a very long time, but throughout the challenge it is Shane who appears to be struggling the most. He is in obvious pain, moaning and groaning. Although he smiles and teases Ian as they hang, it is looking obvious that Ian has this in the bag.

Finally, Shane asks the other houseguests to go inside so he can talk to Ian. When they go away, Shane makes a deal with Ian to keep him and Danielle safe from the eviction block if he throws him the competiton. Ian agrees and Shane drops. Ian is the new Head of Household.

In the ongoing no-mance of Danielle and Shane, Ian tells Danielle that Shane made a deal to keep her safe. Danielle is giddy. She cozies up to her new best gal pal Jenn and talks about how she wants to smooch on Shane and that Shane called her his girlfriend. Honestly, CBS will stretch this however they can to make a ‘showmance’ where there is mostly just really awkward Danielle stalking an extremely reluctant and stand-offish Shane. As long as Shane keeps leading her own to keep her vote in his pocket though, we’ll have to keep listening to this tripe.

Ian is given his Head of Household room, which has pictures of his family and a letter from his Mom cheering him on. Frank tells the Diary Room that no one cared about Ian’s HoH room and he couldn’t pretend to be happy for Ian now that he knows Ian backstabbed him and Boogie.

In a meeting with the Quack Pack, Ian tells Dan, Danielle and Shane he is planning to put up Frank and Jenn as the eviction nominees. There is a LOT of conversations among all the houseguests about the nominations that happened on the Big Brother live feeds that unfortunately you don’t get on the CBS show. In the end, however, Ian wants what he wants.

Frank tries to convince Ian not to put him up for eviction, but it is a lost cause. Ian is mad as hell about Britney Haynes being evicted last week and holds Frank and Jenn responsible. At least Frank finally gets to take off his ridiculous carrot costume.

After being locked out for a while, Ian goes back to the Head of Household room and finds the second Pandora’s Box of the season. If he opens it, he can get something good, or something bad. In this case, if he opens it, he can get presents for the houseguests.

Ian decides to open Pandora’s Box and unleashes former Big Brother player Jessie ‘Mr. Pec-tacular’ Godderz on the house. Jessie takes away the houseguests’ yummy junk food and replaces it with yucky healthy food alternatives. On the plus side, they also end up with toys to play with, including legos.

Yes, Big Brother is kind of like a giant daycare.

Dan and Ian meet up one more time to confirm the plan for the nominations and subsequent eviction. From the CBS edit, it appears that Ian thinks it would be better to keep Frank and nominate Jenn and Joe. (Really though, it is pretty clear if you were watching the feeds that Frank and Jenn were going to be the nominees.)

Superfan Ian loves finally having the opportunity to be a full Head of Household and choose his nominations. When he won before, it was only for a very short time and he didn’t even get a HoH room. So Ian is thrilled when he gets to announce his nominations.

For his nominations for eviction this week, Ian puts up Frank Eudy and Jenn Arroyo.

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