Spoiler Alert: Big Brother 14’s Returning Houseguests Confirmed

Here we go! It’s our first spoiler alert for Big Brother 14 and it’s a juicy one! Screen captures from inside the house were leaked from inside the house and confirms the names of the four houseguests that are returning to the game this season. Click below for the spoiler alert!

[spoiler]We can now confirm that the four returning houseguests to Big Brother 14 are Mike “Boogie”, Janelle, Britney and Dan. The worst kept secret in Reality TV history. Now keep in mind, we cannot confirm if they are in fact going to be called “mentors” or if they have some other role. I wouldn’t call them mentors until they announce it on the show.. but as the names of the returning houseguests have been guessed weeks in advance, the mentors thing is probably a go.

In the photos you can also see the room that was the “Have Not” room from previous seasons has a really dizzy spiral motif in it. Also unconfirmed if this will be the “Have Not” room again, or the sleeping quarters for the mentors. We’re 1 day away folks!