Big Brother 14 Live Feeds Superpass Special Deal Last Day!

CBS Big Brother 14 premieres Thursday night at 8PM and that means it is the last day to get in on the Big Brother live feeds early bird special. With the live feeds Superpass subscription, you can tune in to all the action going on live in the Big Brother 14 house all day and all night, all season long.

The Big Brother 14 Live Feeds Superpass early bird special price ends today. So if you want to get in on the live feeds before the price goes up by 25% for the whole season package, now is the time to sign up. Otherwise you’ll miss out on saving some cash that you could be spending on pizza to munch on while you stay up all night watching all the naked slip-ups, shomance hook-ups and backstabbing, catfighting goodness.

This is the last day you can sign up for the SuperPass Big Brother 14 live feeds for a discounted price of $29.99 for the whole SuperPass Big Brother 2012 season. This is a 25% savings over the normal full price. If you purchase the SuperPass subscription now, you will be totally covered for the whole three months of Big Brother 14 live feeds.

If you need more info on the live feeds before deciding about signing up, you can read our “Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: What Are They And How Do You Get Them?” post.

Some notes about the Big Brother 14 live feeds in answer to some previous reader questions:

* The Big Brother 14 live feeds will not be accessible until after the Big Brother 14 premiere on the west coast, so please have patience, they are not broken!

* This year, the Big Brother live feed early bird special also includes the Big Brother mobile feed access totally free! You don’t need an app, just go to the Superpass website given to you when you sign up on your mobile phone and login to watch.

* A few people have reported issues with accessing videos on the Superpass website via their mobile Android devices. RealNetworks has told me they should have the issue fixed by the time the feeds premiere on Thursday.

* As part of your SuperPass Big Brother 14 live feeds package, you will also receive $30 in free mp3 downloads from Rhapsody. Just follow the instructions from RealNetworks after you sign up to claim your free music.

* For those who want to know when they can tune in to get the Big Brother 14 spoilers about the competitions and such, here is a rundown. Please note that these times (and sometimes days) vary, but this are the general time frames.

Sundays: The houseguests scheme and plot in prep for the Veto Ceremony.

Mondays: The Veto Ceremony is usually around mid-day.

Tuesdays: The aftermath of the Veto Ceremony is too much fun to watch.

Wednesdays: HoH blog & photos. Lots of scheming going down in advance of Thursday’s eviction. Great feed day.

Thursdays: Eviction and Head of Household Competition. (Often the H0H competition will run long and be cut off on the CBS show and you can watch the end result on the live feeds.)

Fridays: Have-Not competition usually around mid-day (thanks HOH8). Eviction nominations are usually around 7PM Big Brother Time (Pacific).

Saturdays: The Veto Competition is usually around mid-day.

Every Day, All Day: Live access to watch all the hamsters run around in the Big Brother 14 house day and night as they scheme, plot, bitch, makeout, get naked and do all the crazy things CBS can’t show you on TV.

The Big Brother live feeds give you inside access all day and night into the Big Brother 14 house to see all of the behind-the-scenes scheming, romancing, streaking, back-stabbing and more. Plus, you will also receive access to all the exclusive Big Brother 14 pre-premiere and post-premiere specials, gossip, chats, guest vidoes and more that you won’t find anywhere else.

As always, we highly appreciate it if you decide to sign up for your Big Brother 14 live feeds through our website. It does not cost you anything extra, and your support keeps our site online and our writers blogging for you about all things Big Brother all year long. Thank you!

Stay tuned here for all the latest news and gossip on the upcoming season of Big Brother 14. You can also find us on Twitter at @BigBroAccess and on the Big Brother Access Facebook page or sign up for our Big Brother 2012 e-mail newsletter.


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