Big Brother 14 Cast Houseguests Strategies Revealed! (VIDEO)

Every year on Big Brother, the houseguests plan and scheme before they step foot in the house, only to find out that life inside Big Brother never turns out like they expect. I love listening to all the new Big Brother cast members talk about their ‘strategies’ before they go into the house, and then watching to see how those strategies prove out once they are inside the Big Brother house. Especially this year, when they had no idea they would be dealing with veteran ‘mentors‘ in the house!

Sometimes the Big Brother houseguests stick with their plans and follow them through to the bitter end whether or not they turn out to be good. Often they have to throw all their preformed strategies right out the window within the first week. The best bet is usually to have a loose strategy planned out, but be adaptable enough to adjust to unexpected obstacles and unpredictable circumstances within the Big Brother house.

So what do our new Big Brother 14 cast houseguests have for their strategies this year? Well, they have kindly provided us with a brief overview of their plans inside the Big Brother 14 house all summed up in this video for your viewing pleasure. Click near the bottom of the large photo to make the video play.

For more extensive interviews with each cast member, click here.

Who do you think has the best strategy for winning Big Brother 14 mapped out? Which Big Brother 14 cast member do you think is totally clueless about how to win the game? Let us know in the comments area below!

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