Big Brother 2 Winner Dr. Will Kirby on QVC (VIDEO)

While we continue to wait very impatiently for the launch of Big Brother 14, we like to keep an eye out for what our former Big Brother winners and alumni are up to out there in the world. Some have gone on to lead quiet lives out of the public eye. Others continue to scramble for every little bit of media attention and fame they can long past their 15 minutes are over. A few try to find a happy balance by continuing on in their chosen pre-Big Brother profession, while still working the camera any time they have the opportunity — like Big Brother 2 winner and Big Brother 7: All Stars player Dr. William Kirby.

If you remember, Dr. Will Kirby is a ‘board certified’ dermatologist in California. While the handsome doc continues to pursue his rather normal job even after winning all that cash on Big Brother 2, Dr. Kirby never hesitates to get his face on camera. Especially if it involves lining his pocket with some additional cash. Dr. Kirby has appeared on Dr. 90210, The Drs., E! News, The Real Housewives of Orange County and pretty much anywhere on camera he can get away with. He is also a repeated spokesperson for Neutrogena on The QVC shopping channel.

Late last month, Dr. Will Kirby hit QVC once again to somewhat awkwardly promote the Neutrogena Dermatologics Retinol NX Anti-Aging Due Auto-Delivery skin care system on QVC. Wow, that’s a mouthful. Just 3 easy payments of $33.32!!!! Check out our Big Brother 2 winner Dr. Will Kirby as he tries to talk around the extremely loud-mouthed blond in this endless infomercial. I bet you start cringing within 1 minute of hitting play… she’s just THAT annoying.

For some reason, we find it entirely amusing to watch Big Brother 2 winner Dr. Will Kirby (aka Dr. Evil) selling anti-aging creams on QVC in the middle of the night. He’s just so darned cute and his cheerleading for a cheesy, over-priced skin product is so smarmy, you can’t help but giggle. I just grin while I imagine him in ridiculous Big Brother moments from season two and picture him with his shirt off smearing anti-aging cream all over his chest.

Oops, did I say that out loud?

You can watch virtually endless clips of Dr. Will Kirby on QVC on this YouTube channel.

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