Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Power of Veto Competition Week 8

On Saturday, the Big Brother 14 houseguests battled it out in the all important Power of Veto Competition. The Head of Household had a lot riding on having one of their allies win the PoV this week so they could eliminate their biggest target. Will the HoH be able to keep their nominations intact? Or will one of the nominees be leaving the eviction block on Monday at the Power of Veto Ceremony? Read on in our Big Brother 14 spoilers from the live feeds to find out!


This post contains CBS Big Brother 14 spoilers from the week 7 Power of Veto show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

[spoiler name=”Veto Results Week 8″]

The Power of Veto Competition players were Ian Terry as Head of Household, Frank Eudy and Jenn Arroyo as the eviction nominees. Ian has promised the newly reformed “Quack Pack” alliance of himself, Dan Gheesling, Danielle Murphree and Shaney Meaney, that Chef Joe Arvin will be the replacement nominee if needed.

Once again, I am left wondering why Ian would not attempt to backdoor Frank instead of putting him directly on the block and giving him a guaranteed chance to win Power of Veto. He easily could have put up Chef Joe and Jenn on the block and been pretty much almost sure neither would win the PoV. Even if one of them did win and took themselves off the block, he could have put up Frank in their place. If he or one of his allies won, they could have taken Joe off the block and put up Frank.

I just don’t get that strategy. I guess he just doesn’t care if Frank stays as much because Frank can’t compete in the next Head of Household and Ian is personally pissed as hell at Jenn for forcing the eviction of his buddy Britney Haynes. Considering Frank’s cockroach like ability to stay in this game through everything that has been thrown at him, however, I would be making it my #1 priority to get him out NOW. Jenn may have pissed him off, but she’s hardly much of a threat when it gets down to the finals.

Whatever. All that really matters in the end is that Dan won the Power of Veto Competition. Now we’ll just have to wait until Monday to find out how it is used and who (if anyone) goes up as the replacement nominee. All the best laid plans very often end up thrown in the trash on Big Brother, so you just never know.

Dan has won the Power of Veto. Which Alliance will he betray? His final two with Frank? Or the Quack Pack yet Again?


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