Big Brother 14 Recap: Week 8 Power of Veto – Let The Fun Begin!

On CBS Big Brother 14 Wednesday night, the fun ramps up as we race toward the second double eviction of the season on Thursday night. All the Big Brother 14 houseguests plans ride on who wins the Power of Veto and what they do with it, so stay tuned for an exciting night of TV. Join us for our Big Brother 14 live recap of the week 8 Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony as it all goes down!


This post contains CBS Big Brother 14 spoilers from the week 7 Power of Veto show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

The Power of Veto Competition already happened in the Big Brother 14 house on Saturday and watching the aftermath on the Big Brother 14 live feeds has been priceless! If you can’t wait to find out shortly who won, you can check out our Big Brother 14 spoilers here.

Following the Power of Veto Competition every week, there is always a mad scramble from the eviction nominees to try to secure the Veto for their benefit. This week, we can tell you it was quite awesome to watch as the Power of Veto winner manipulated the whole house into getting on board with how the Veto would be used — even the person they have targeted for eviction!

As always, we’re always fascinated by seeing how the CBS Big Brother 14 show will be edited down from all the many, many hours of game play from the Big Brother 14 live feeds. So let’s get on to our Big Brother 14 recap for the week 8 Power of Veto show and find out!

This week’s Big Brother 14 Power of Veto episode starts off with Frank Eudy on the block yet again, this time against his long time ally and former teammate, Jenn Arroyo. Frank Eudy has been on the block every single week he was not Head of Household and managed to win the Power of Veto Competition an amazing four times so far this season. Can he possibly snag the Power of Veto again this time around?

Frank believes that his new final 2 deal with veteran houseguest Dan Gheesling is totally solid. Unfortunately for Frank, Dan has been masterfully manipulating the entire house behind Frank’s back. The Big Brother live feeds are full of Dan ‘misting’ the other houseguests to fall in line with his nefarious plan to actually get Frank eliminated this week.

Dan’s ally in getting Frank out is non other than former Frank ally turned spy Ian Terry, the current Head of Household. Amazingly, Ian is now working with Dan, the same guy who threw him under the bus with Frank in order to get himself off the block in one of the most fabulous game moves ever. Of course, Ian never really found out how seriously Dan betrayed the whole “Quack Pack” alliance to Frank. In truth, it was entirely Dan’s fault that Ian’s buddy Britney Haynes was evicted instead of Dan. Ian may be very smart, but he doesn’t see everything.

Ian and Dan have a rather sweet moment when Dan tells Ian about his brother with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Much has been made by the fans of Ian’s strange habits and constant pacing and rocking on the Big Brother live feeds. Some fans believe he has a mild form of autism called Asperger’s Syndrome. Ian thinks Dan is cool for giving a damn about him and admits that he has Attention Deficit Disorder and OCD.

The time is here to choose the players for the Power of Veto Competition. Frank and Jenn will play as the eviction nominees, along with Ian as the Head of Household. In a random draw, Ian picks Dan, Frank picks Danielle Murphree, and Jenn picks Chef Joe Arvin. Only Shane Meaney does not get to play.

Before the Power of Veto Competition, Frank and Jenn talk some game about getting Joe backdoored somehow so they can both be safe this week. Frank talks to Dan about throwing the PoV Competition to him so Dan can take Jenn off the block. This would make sense to the other houseguests since Jenn (courtesy of Frank) took Dan off the block last week. So it would not look like Dan was working with Frank, but just rewarding Jenn for saving him.

At the Veto Competition, a brain-addled alien hands out riddles to the houseguests. The players then have to find corn on the cob labelled with the correct answer and deliver it to the alien.

The first contestant eliminated is Danielle . Ian is out next on a question he should have been able to answer, which makes me wonder if he had a brain fart or it was a deliberate loss. Joe is thrown out because he can’t even find the corn. Jenn ran out of time. Finally, it is down to Frank and Dan… will Frank throw the Veto Competition like he talked about with Dan earlier?

No, Frank decides he doesn’t trust Dan enough to throw the competition. Unfortunately for Frank, it doesn’t matter anyway because in the end, it is Dan who lands the win for the Power of Veto!

Jenn Arroyo is really hoping Dan will use the Power of Veto to take her off the block after she used hers last week to save him. Luckily for her, that is exactly what Dan plans to do… and he’s going to manage to do it with the approval of BOTH of his major alliances in the house. He is the man!

Ian and Dan, wearing their undies, swear to a new final 2 deal in addition to their reformed alliance with the Quack Pack (Ian, Dan, Danielle & Shane). Ian and Dan are following the plan to get Frank evicted this week.

Then Dan gets with Frank to reaffirm THEIR final 2 deal, which they have to keep secret. So, Dan can’t use the Power of Veto to save Frank right? Because that would expose they are working together. So Frank actually tells Dan to go ahead and use the PoV to save Jenn with the plan of backdooring Chef Joe.

Continuing to ‘mist’ the whole damn house, Dan goes to Jenn and tells her he really wants her trust and it is hard to give it, he knows, but he hopes she will. Dan plans to take Jenn off the block, and then make her come over to his side…

At the Power of Veto Ceremony, Dan keeps to his deals with both of his alliances — even though they are working toward opposite goals. Simply amazing. He takes Jenn Arroyo off the eviction block, leaving Head of Household Ian Terry to put up a replacement nominee. As he promised Shane and Danielle he would not put them up after Shane threw him the HoH comp (and they are now in the reformed Quack Pack with him and Dan), Ian nominated Chef Joe Arvin.

This leaves Frank Eudy and Chef Joe on the block. Frank right now is pretty convinced that he is still safe from eviction and it will be Joe who goes home this week. Little does he know what is really going on in the Big Brother 14 house behind his back…

What do you think? Will this finally be the week that Frank gets evicted? Or will another last minute miracle save him from leaving the BB14 house for good?

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