Big Brother 25 Episode 21 Recap: Down, Set, Hike

The latest Head of Household winner was Jared Feilds, who won the power for the second time this season on Big Brother 25. After last week’s vote flip to evict Izzy Gleicher succeeded, Jared and his mother, Cirie Fields were in severe danger of being targeted in the house this week.


Once Jared won power, he nominated Cory Wurtenburger and America Lopez to the block for eviction this week. They were the cause of the vote flip and why he lost a strong ally last week. But the real target is Cameron Hardin, who has avoided eviction for several weeks. Will Jared finally succeed with his plan to get Cameron on the block?

Big Brother 25 Week Seven Block Nomination Aftermath

Jared is hell-bent on sending Cameron home this week. He nominated Cory and America but wants Cameron to go home finally.

Jared confidently spoke to America and told her Cameron was the target this week. He spoke to almost everyone in the Big Brother house and told them the same thing. He wanted to backdoor Cameron.

Cory reported back to Cameron about the back door plan. Cameron wants to play in the Power of Veto to take down Cory or America. With a POV win, Cameron can’t be put on the block this week.

Blue approached Jared about side alliances he may have in the Big Brother 25 house that she was unaware of until recently. She tried to talk to Jared, her showmance, about these allegations in the house, but he did not respond well. She doesn’t know who to believe now. Let’s not forget she knows about Jared and Cirie’s relationship that could blow his game wide open.

Felicia and Mecole

Mecole Hayes told Felicia Cannon that Jared and Cirie always intended to evict Felicia to save Izzy, but that plan exploded with the vote flip. Felicia was shocked to learn this info and now can’t trust her besties in the game. She and Mecole made a final two as a result of this conversation.

Jag Bains, Matt Klotz, and Blue spoke and decided the house was split between the Cory and America sides and the Jared and Cirie side of the Big Brother 25 house. They are trying to decide which side of the house to align with moving forward.

Big Brother 25 Week Seven Power of Veto Competition

This week, Jared, Cory, and America are the automatic players in the POV. Also playing are Bowie Jane, Jag, and Cameron. Most of the houseguests did not want Cameron to play in the POV. He cannot be put on the block as the replacement nominee if he wins.

Cirie approached Jared and offered to help him repair his spot in the Big Brother 25 house by letting him put her on the block as the replacement nominee. She is willing to do this to help her son. Jared claimed he would never put his own mother on the block for eviction.


This POV is called Sweaty Scrimmage, and this competition has much on the line. This is the infamous water shooting game where the players must collect liquid and fill a receptacle that will bring an object to the top. Once the object is at the top, they will have access to finish the competition.

In this competition, they must fill the receptacle with sweat pouring out from numerous gigantic feet to obtain the football to spike at the 50-yard line. The fastest player to do so will win the golden POV. There is a sequence to the water coming out of the feet and finding the fastest sequence is the key.

After all six players had their opportunity to spike their football, it was time to see the results. Jared finished in 3rd place, Cameron finished in 2nd place, and Jag won the golden Power of Veto with a time of 4 minutes and 43 seconds. This is his second POV win of Big Brother 25.

Big Brother 25 Week Seven Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV ceremony, Jag decided to use the POV. He took Cameron off the block. Jared did as planned, putting Cameron on the block as the replacement nominee. Either Cameron or America will be evicted this week on Big Brother 25.

Join us again tomorrow evening at 8 PM EST for the live eviction episode. Don’t forget this is a double eviction episode. You don’t want to miss it.


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