Who Went Home On Double Eviction Night On Big Brother 25? (9/21/23)

Tonight will be a big night in the Big Brother 25 house, and the houseguests are in for a big surprise. They are unaware that tonight will be a double eviction night. Two weeks of Big Brother will be played in one evening.

BB25 Scary-verse

Jared Fields is the current HOH, and Cameron Hardin and America Lopez are on the block for eviction. Cameron has eluded eviction for several weeks, but his time will likely run out tonight. Who will grab the next HOH, be nominated to the block, win the POV, and be the second evicted houseguest tonight on Big Brother 25?

The Scary-verse sent a transmission down to the houseguests, but the problem was that the message was broken. The houseguests were not able to understand the message.

Big Brother 25 Week Seven Live Eviction Vote

Host Julie Chen Moonves announced that Scary Week has begun in the Big Brother 25 house. This week will be filled with horrifying competitions and scary twists. Julie also advised the houseguests that there would be a double eviction tonight, and two houseguests would be going home.

BB25 Cameron and America

The live eviction votes were as follows:

Matt Klotz voted to evict Cameron
Bowie Jane voted to evict Cameron
Cirie Fields voted to evict Cameron
Mecole Hayes voted to evict Cameron
Jag Bains voted to evict Cameron
Cory Wurtenburger voted to evict Cameron
Felicia Cannon voted to evict Cameron
Blue Kim voted to evict Cameron

BB25 Cameron Hardin

With a unanimous vote of 8 to 0, Cameron was evicted from the Big Brother 25 house. During his exit interview with Julie, Cameron said he expected to be evicted tonight. He said his back was against the wall since week one. Julie informed Cameron that his game was not completely over. She told him he was now a Big Brother zombie. Cameron would have to wait to learn the details about this new twist.

Big Brother 25 Week Eight Head of Household Competition

This HOH competition is called Soul Mates, and here is how it works. Houseguests will face off against one another two at a time. The players will be shown the profile of “soul” looking for their perfect match. They will also be shown three possible “soul suitors”. The players must determine which “soul suitor” is the best match based on likes and dislikes.


The answer will be A, B, or C. The first player to correctly guess the match will go to the end of the line while the other player will be eliminated. The next houseguest in line will choose any houseguest left to challenge. The process will continue until only one player is left. They will become the new HOH in Big Brother 25.

Interestingly, Cirie was the most popular choice by the players until Cory beat her, and she was eliminated. The final two houseguests to play were Cory and Blue. On the last question, Cory answered first and was crowned the HOH.

Week Eight Block Nominations

Things were quite chaotic immediately following the HOH competition, Cory scrambled to speak with everyone about the block nominations. He made one thing certain: he wants Jared to be evicted tonight.

BB25 Jared and Blue

Cory nominated Jared and Blue to the block for eviction tonight. They can pull themselves off the block by winning the POV. If Jared wins, Cameron’s target, he will likely target Cirie next.

Big Brother 25 Week Eight Power of Veto Competition & Ceremony

Cory, Blue, Jared, Mecole, Jag, and Matt will play in this POV competition. This competition is called Monster Kill. The houseguests will race to their pit of terror to find the items to kill the monster, vampire, and werewolf. Each requires a different weapon to kill them.

The players will search through their pit to find all three weapons and bring them back to their board one at a time. The first player to kill all three creatures, retrieve the veto symbol, and rind in first at their station will win the golden POV.


Matt was the fastest to kill all three creatures and won the POV. Now, he has to decide whether or not he will use the power to take Jared or Blue off the block.

At the POV ceremony, Matt decided to keep the nominations the same and did not use his power. Jared or Blue will be evicted from the Big Brother 25 house.

Week Eight Live Eviction Vote

After both houseguests gave their “last ditch effort” speech, the votes were as follows.

Matt voted to evict Jared
Bowie Jane voted to evict Jared
Cirie voted to evict Blue
Felicia voted to evict Jared
Mecole voted to evict Jared
America voted to evict Jared
Jag voted to evict Jared

By a vote of 6 to 1, Jared was eliminated from the Big Brother 25 house. During his eviction speech with Julie, she brought Cameron out to tell them they would go back into the house as zombies. One of them will be resurrected, and their game will be saved.


Julie also told them that Scary Week in the Big Brother 25 will continue with no HOH, block nominations, or POV. This will be a week like none other in the Big Brother game’s history.

The schedule for Big Brother 25 will be changed this week also. The episode on Sunday, September 24 will air at 10 PM EST. There will be no episode on Wednesday, September 27, and Thursday will air at 9 PM EST. Join us again on Sunday to see what the houseguests say to the zombies entering the Big Brother 25 house again.


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