Big Brother Spoilers: Week 2 Power of Veto Winner – 7/5/2014

The Big Brother spoilers for the week 2 Power of Veto Competition are out! Of all the Houseguests who could have one it, we ended up with the one most likely to throw the house into a new round of drama and chaos. Of course, that’s what we love about the game, right?

Big Brother Power of Veto
Big Brother Power of Veto (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. You have been warned! Proceed are your own risk.

Going into the Power of Veto Competition on Saturday, we had Paola and Brittany still on the block after losing the Battle of the Block. They were joined in the challenge by Devin as the remaining Head of Household, and randomly selected players Amber, Zach, and Derrick. Donny played host, which we are looking forward to seeing when they air the comp on the CBS Big Brother show.

According to spoilers from the Big Brother Live Feeds, the person pretty much no one in the house wanted to win managed to come out on top. That would be Devin. After the blow up with The Bomb Squad on Friday night/Saturday morning, everyone wants Devin out of power and out the door as quickly as possible. And now they are stuck with him having the ultimate power this week of who will be the final eviction nominees.

Originally, Devin had promised Paola that he would use the Power of Veto to save her if she threw the Power of Veto Competition. He told her this over, and over, and over because she was freaked out at being nominated. She went through with her half of the deal, but now it looks like Devin may not keep his promise.

Devin seemed hell-bent on evicting Brittany this week, but after his fight with Caleb and The Bomb Squad implosion, now he is promising to take her off the block! We have no idea what Devin is thinking at this point. Maybe now that he knows no one wants to get rid of Brittany, he is planning to backdoor his new enemy Caleb and put him up against Paola? We’ll have to wait and see what happens at the Power of Veto Ceremony on Monday.

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