Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Live Feed Recap – Monday, Week 4

Monday in the Big Brother 14 house was a day of shock and awe as the Power of Veto holder removed a nominee from the block, and the replacement nominee was blindsided with a sudden backdoor renomination. Will the bold plan to oust the newly nominated evictee come to fruition? Or did the Head of Household and crew just paint a target the size of Texas on their heads? Read on in our Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds on Monday to catch up on all the action.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds from Monday, August 6. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Please note that RealNetworks Superpass is having some issues with the live feeds Flashback feature. Instead of always showing BBT time, it is showing local time to some viewers. So convert your local time to Pacific time when you Flashback, or you can set your computer clock to PT time to make things easier.


9:00 AM BBT

Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin is up and about talking to the cameras again in his usual morning ritual. He gives a shout out to former Big Brother plotting partner, Dr. Will Kirby. He tells Will he should be watching on Wednesday because he has a surprise for him. He means, of course, his nefarious plan to blindside and evict Janelle Pierzina that has been gathering steam in the Big Brother 14 house.

9:15 AM BBT

Mike Boogie is already talking about how he can betray the houseguests he is now currently working with to get Janelle evicted. He talks about how if Ian Terry wins Head of Household, he might be able to get him to put up Shane Meaney and Britney Haynes for eviction.

9:40 AM BBT

Danielle Murphree tells Wil Heuser she will be taking him off the block and replacing him with Janelle. Wil tells her he thinks this is a good move and that he will not vote to evict Frank.

10:44 AM BBT

The Big Brother live feeds go to trivia for the Power of Veto Ceremony.

11:37 AM BBT

The Big Brother live feeds return and it looks like Danielle Murphree has indeed stuck to the new plan, taken Wil off the block and put up Janelle as the replacement nominee. Janelle is totally blindsided and shocked at her nomination.

11:40 AM BBT

Janelle immediately goes to talk to Danielle in the Head of Household room. She is already deeply campaigning to make sure she doesn’t end up going home. Janelle actually manages to not come across like she wants to stab Danielle in the gut and twist the knife. You have to hand it to her. This is a conversation you just have to watch on the Big Brother live feeds. If for some crazy reason you don’t have them yet, jump on board right now and start watching with a 3-day free trial because this week is going to be AWESOME on the Big Brother live feeds leading up to Thursday’s eviction.

11:45 AM BBT

Dan Gheesling goes up to the HoH room to give Danielle congratulations on doing a great job with the Power of Veto Ceremony and her game play.

11:55 AM BBT

Britney Haynes attempts to convince Janelle she did not know anything about Danielle deciding to take Wil off the block and put up Janelle in his place. She continues to act like she is Janelle’s ally and will be voting for her to stay.

12:10 PM BBT

Dan and Janelle talk in the storage room and she wants to know what the hell is going on. He totally acts like Danielle is just crazy and he doesn’t have any hold on her anymore. Janelle wants to know if Dan will vote for her to stay and he kind of, sort of, but not really gives his affirmation. Dan tries to act like the whole thing about putting up Janelle was just some kind of female weird thing on Danielle’s part.

12:30 PM BBT

Chef Joe Arvin and Janelle talk about her going on the block. Joe thinks Wil Heuser has gone to the other side and has betrayed Janelle. Minutes later, Wil comes in and tells Janelle she has his support and he will vote for her to stay.

1:05 PM BBT

Ashley Iocco could be truble… She thinks Britney knew all about the plan to blindside Janelle by putting her up as a renomination and taking off Wil.

4:05 PM BBT

Frank Eudy tells Ashley he has enough votes to stay in the house. This is only going to feed her suspicions about the ‘silent 6’ alliance more.

6:50 PM BBT

Ashley, Joe, and Janelle talk about the possibility of an alliance going on behind their backs that they are not in. Janelle does not get why Danielle would leave Frank on the block if she was actually targetting her for eviction instead of him.

7:05 PM BBT

Chef Joe proposes an alliance to Ashley of him, her, and Ian. Everyone wants Ian! LOL. Ashley seems agreeable.

8:25 PM BBT

Danielle and Janelle hole up in the Head of Household room and have another long girl to girl talk. Janelle says she is not angry (and she is remaining remarkably calm about all this). Danielle says she feels bad for putting Janelle up. It is a lot of shallow, gooey, pointless talk that really doesn’t accomplish anything. Janelle wants to know if Danielle (and thus also Shane) has a deal with Mike Booogie. Danielle denies this.

9:45 PM BBT

Did Wil just actually tell Britney he wants Janelle not to be evicted? What the hell is wrong with these people changing their minds every second this season?

10:20 PM BBT

Danielle is very weird. She tells Britney that she and Janelle ‘got into it’ during a discussion earlier in the day and told her to get out of the HoH room. This makes no sense as that never happened. It makes less sense because there is no point to telling Britney this.

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