Big Brother 2014 Live Recap: Week Two Nominations and Battle of the Block 7/6/14

Big Brother 16  continues tonight on CBS! We will discover whom the two Heads of Household (Devin and Amber) decide to nominate for eviction. We will then see which duo wins the Battle of the Block and dethrones their nominating HoH.

Big Brother 16 Houseguest Devin (CBS)
Big Brother 16 Houseguest Devin (CBS)

In case you missed it, Devin and Amber were crowned as this week’s initial two Heads of Household on Thursday. While Julie initially named Cody the winner of the guys, the tape revealed that he slipped and fell before buzzing in, which threw Devin into the HoH room.

Tonight, we learn which four Houseguests will find themselves on the block before competing in the second Battle of the Block competition in Big Brother history.

After being crowned the second Head of Household, Devin decides he must play the game with honestly and integrity for his daughter. He goes to Donny and lets him know that he was main one behind his nomination because he didn’t think he was who he said he was.

Devin then calls a house meeting to say that he’s basically starting his game over so that it is honest and genuine for his daughter’s sake. He breaks down throughout and tells the same story he told Donny. Brittany immediately jumps on this information to deduce that last week’s nominations weren’t really based on who fell first in the initial HoH competitions.

Devin couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that he threw Caleb under the bus by basically calling him a liar as Caleb and Frankie told the house they chose nominations based on who fell first.

Caleb started to crack as he confided in Devin about missing the feeling of cuddling up and watching movies with people back home. Devin offers to curl up with him anytime.

Production threw in a package of Nicole and Hayden flirting. While our knowledge from the Live Feeds gives more evidence to a potential showmance between Nicole and Cody rather than Hayden, it was nonetheless adorably awkward.

Frankie, Derrick, Amber, Caleb, and Devin discussed whom to nominate for eviction based on what would be best for the Bomb Squad alliance. Devin immediately suggested Paola and Brittany for his. Amber said she had to nominate a guy. Devin floated the idea of nominating an alliance member to hide tracks while Derrick pivoted the idea to nominating Nicole as a floater threat instead.

Devin chose to nominate Paola and Brittany while Amber nominated Hayden and Nicole. All four of these nominees are not part of the Bomb Squad alliance. Paola was chosen mostly because she’s terrible at competitions and could force that duo to lose the Battle of the Block so that Brittany can remain on the block to be evicted.

Devin quickly tells Hayden and Nicole that Brittany is his main target and that they are completely safe this week.

Zach affirms to America that he is not gay, but he tells us that Frankie is one of the greatest people he’s ever met and that Frankie is basically his boyfriend. CBS has finally shown America the precious friendship of Frankie and Zach, dubbed Zankie by the Internet.

In a Big Brother first, the four nominees participating in a competition in which they had to discern facts from a quickly-rotating batch of images. Nicole and Hayden quickly took the lead and gave Brittany beer goggles as a punishment, which largely damaged her ability to play the game with decreased vision.

Paola purposely threw the competition by throwing out random answers. Nicole and Hayden won the second Battle of the Block competition of the summer. This win dethrones Amber and leaves Devin as the sole Head of Household in the house.

This Wednesday, we will discover who wins the Power of Veto. We also find out the final two members of Team America to join Donny. Follow along on Twitter @BigBroAccess and this site as we bring you the latest on all things Big Brother!


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