Big Brother 18 Alliance Round-Up: Will 8 Pack Blindside the ‘Messiah’?

Anyone that’s a regular viewer of Big Brother knows that alliances are the key to smart game play. The BB18 houseguests have certainly been busy forming numerous alliances during their second week in the house.

Big Brother 18 alliance chart, courtesy of 89RazorSkate20

Houseguests (HG) must be careful not to play too hard too soon. HG’s that run around the Big Brother house like maniacs making deals and forming alliances all over the place are typically some of the first to go home. Big Brother winners consider their steps very carefully and only form relationships with those people they have carefully analyzed and feel the most comfortable playing their game with to the end.

When the Freakazoids lost Glenn, and Nicole was able to convince her two remaining teammates to nominate her as the first Head of Household (HOH), all the power was in the veteran’s hands. Nicole nominated Jozea for simply running around the house declaring a newbies versus veteran’s war. He was an easy and very clear target for Nicole. She put Paulie up as a pawn with all intentions of him beating Jozea in any type of veto competition.

Big Brotehr 18 Episode 2 s11

After a new competition was revealed and played on Sunday, Frank won the power to secretly nominate a third player to go on to the block for possible eviction. Paul, who has an anti-veteran allegiance, was selected by Frank as the third nominated HG to the block. Now, only the Power of Veto competition can save one of these players from possible eviction live Thursday night or a powerful alliance to swing the votes. (If you can’t wait to find out who won the PoV, check out our Big Brother 18 spoilers page.)

The most targeted HG this week is undoubtedly Jozea, the self-proclaimed ‘Messiah’ of the newbies, or at least that’s what he proudly announced to Da’Vonne earlier this week. Although Jozea quickly formed the Newbies alliance, he does not have the power he may think he has in the game. Jozea thinks all of the HG’s love him and believes that he’s the “heart and soul” of the house.  As a result, he believes he has no worries about being on the block and possibly evicted from the house.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-26-2016


Here’s a quick look at all of the current alliances floating around the BB house already this summer.

The Veterans – Da’Vonne, Frank, James, and Nicole are the four returning players to BB18 and quickly came together to form a cohesive group. They not only have actually played the game before, but they are also very likable people who should all do well if they play their cards right this time and learn from their previous mistakes.

The Newbies – Bridgette, Bronte, Corey, Da’Vonne, Frank, Jozea, Michelle, Natalie, Nicole, Paul, Paulie, and Zakiyah are all new players to the BB game. Once the veterans made a surprise entrance into the game, Jozea was quick to pit the veterans against the newbies. This alliance does not hold much merit other than it is simply as stated…a bunch of newbies. Without some game play guidance from the seasoned veterans, this alliance doesn’t have much skin in the game.

The Eight Pack – Corey, Day, Frank, James, Michelle, Nicole, Tiffany, and Zakiyah are the members of this alliance formed with 4 veterans and 4 newbies. The veterans have stated they wanted to stick together since day one, but they were also smart enough to bring over some strong newbies to round out their alliance. All four of the newbies in this alliance quickly realized the value and importance of aligning with returning players of the game. Also, everyone wisely agreed that being called the ‘Smartinis’ was a bad idea.

Big Brother 18 Episode 3 4

Da’Vonne is the ringleader when it comes to bringing some newbies over to the veteran’s side. She worked on Zakiyah and Michelle with positive results.  In the Diary Room, Zakiyah confessed her fears of the newbies being erratic and their lack of BB game play knowledge. These two factors are what eventually move Zakiyah to form an alliance with the veterans. Michelle states in the Diary Room that she wants to align with the veterans because all four of them have proven their loyalty with their past game play in addition to knowing the game very well.

The Eight Pack seem to be holding the majority of the power in the game this week simply based on their numbers. They are after Jozea and if bonds continue to develop with this alliance, Jozea the Messiah will be liberated, but it will be during his premature trip home.

fatal five alliance

The Fatal Five – Da’Vonne, Michelle, Nicole, Tiffany, and Zakiyah make up a sub-set group of the Eight Pack alliance. With a mix of veterans and newbies, this all girl alliance has some good potential in the game. It will be interesting to see how long this spin-off alliance can keep their secret safe from the parent alliance. There is also the issue of trust as Zakiyah, Nicole, and Da’Vonne have trust issues with Tiffany. As Tiffany gets closer to Paulie, this is creating an issue for the alliance, not to mention Tiffany is just like her sister…an emotional, sensitive wreck.

The Revolution – Bridgette, Bronte, Jozea, Natalie, Paul and Victor are six newbies that have created a spin-off alliance. Jozea is the most outspoken member of this group. He recently told his followers (he is the messiah, remember?) that he and his alliance are going to dominate the house for weeks to come. Jozea may be one of the most ignorant HG’s to ever play this game, and that’s saying a lot. Not only is he clueless about the blindside about to take place against him; he believes that Da’Vonne and Zakiyah are also on their side. His domination plan is to rotate wins of HOH competitions between the members of his alliance, and he firmly believes this is not a problem to accomplish with ease. The Messiah is in for a rough go of it during Thursday night’s live eviction episode. If all goes as expected, the Revolution alliance may be no more as Jozea hits the road.

Big Brother 18 Episode 3 2

The Spy Girls (formerly known as the Powerpuff Girls) – Bridgette, Bronte, and Natalie make up this all girls’ alliance. Natalie revealed on her entrance interview with Jeff Schroeder of her desire to form an all girls’ alliance. She was very confident that the BB game was ready for an all girls’ alliance to take over the game, dominate and eventually spawn a winner from the group. What Natalie and the rest of the girls do not know is that there is another all girls’ alliance with the Fatal Five. They are a much stronger group of girls consisting of veterans and newbies as opposed to the three newbies creating this alliance. The Spy Girls need to work on their reconnaissance skills before the Fatal Five kill off their alliance.

As illustrated on the Alliance Deal sheet at the top of this article, provided by Big Brother Junkie (@89razorskate20), there are several small pacts made between players. Bronte and Natalie have discussed always having each other’s back regardless. Paulie has proclaimed his protection to Corey and Frank, but he has not received that proclamation back. James and Nicole have a very close relationship amongst the veterans, as do Nicole and Da’Vonne. Another tight bond has developed between Tiffany and Michelle of the Eight Pack. Smaller alliances have proven to be strong in the past, but this early in the game, its too hard to tell which alliances will last and which ones will not.

In addition to the independently formed alliances mentioned above, there are still the four teams created by the game, which are Team Unicorn Big Sister, Category 4, and the Freakazoids. The Freakazoids are already down a member with Glenn being the first HG evicted. If the buzz in the house is correct, then Big Sister will take the next hit with losing Jozea during the live eviction Thursday night. It will be interesting to see how the HG formed alliances stand up to the game produced team alliances as the weeks move along. This may come down to loyalty of your team or choosing loyalty to your alliance, which of course will make some great dramatic moments in true Big Brother fashion.


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